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Grease Monkey Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes Review

By Asha

September 15th, 2019
Thank you to Grease Monkey Wipes for sending product for review in exchange for my honest opinion.My husband and I are working on being mindful about getting fit and losing some extra pounds. We both purchased bikes this summer and have had a great time riding on the trail near our home this summer. Recently we were introduced to Grease Monkey Cleaning Wipes, to help us clean up ourselves and our bikes after our rides.Cyclists Read more [...]

Ultima Replenisher Clean Electrolyte Drink Mix ~ Review

Thank you to Ultima Replenisher for providing me with products to facilitate my blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.A few months ago I changed the way I eat. It started with me removing gluten from my diet. Then a couple of months later I began following the ketogenic diet. Now I have taken it further and removed most dairy. You may be asking yourself why I made these changes. Well, let me tell you. I began making the changes when my primary care doctor suggested that my stomach issues Read more [...]

OTO-TIP From Clear Ear: The Safer, Smarter Way To Clean Your Ears ~ Review & Giveaway (8/23)

By Asha

August 9th, 2019
Thank you to Clear Ear for sending the OTO-TIP for review in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.Earwax. Just the word makes most people shudder at least a little. Earwax is made in the outer ear canal by special glands. The medical term for earwax is cerumen. Why do we have earwax? It has several jobs: it protects and moisturizes the skin of ear canal, it contains special chemicals that fight off infections, and it acts as a buffer between the outside world and the eardrum. Earwax Read more [...]

My New Must Have Item In My Purse: Body Glide {Review}

By Asha

July 30th, 2019
Thank you to Body Glide for sending samples in exchange for my honest opinion in this review.I pride myself with having almost everything a person might need in my purse and or diaper bag. Recently I added something new to the purse arsenal: Body Glide's Foot Glide! This stuff is awesome! I used it for the first time last Saturday for my friend's wedding. I pulled out a pair of strappy wedge sandals I hadn't worn since before my babies were born to go with my new dress, and I thought to myself Read more [...]

Juicy Juice – Perfect For Summer Sipping & Going Back To School

By Asha

July 26th, 2019
Thank you to Juicy Juice for sending product in exchange for my (and my three-year-old's) honest opinion in this review.My daughter loves juice. I try not to let her have too much juice, because I know that it can be quite sugary and not always very good for you. I have been a fan of Juicy Juice 100% juice since I was a kid, so when I got the chance, I was happy to partner with Juicy Juice to try some of their newest products with my daughter.First up, Juicy Juice's new Juicy Read more [...]