This winners wall was restarted 1/2/2020. See winners from 2016 and before or from 2017 & 2018 or 2019. by clicking on those links.

Lovepop Cards – Set of 5 (3D) Cards winner is Ann Bukowski

Somers Family MustKetch Condiments winner is Kimberly Gifford

Llama Naturals Vitamins Winner is B.J. Bernal

Primal Harvest Turmeric Complex winner is Jodi Hassel

Gas Monkey Garage T-Shirt winner is Julie Lundstrom

Gululu Interactive Water Bottle winners are Susan Hartman and Nicole Martin

Peet Multi Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer winner is Michele Pineda

The motorola winner is Carissa Joslyn.

The innova winner is Peggy Nunn.

The kidtastic winner is Shea Balentine.

The four honeydew winners are Rachel Griesmer, Nicole Martin, Terra Heck, and gala.