Vertibot review and giveaway

I recently was given the chance to review a unique robot toy from bsw toy inc. It’s called a vertibot because it walks vertically up windows. The vertibot doesn’t work on most walls, but it does work on glass and other extremely smooth surfaces. I tried this on our regular, flat walls (no texture) and the vertibot could sometimes take a few steps but would eventually lose it’s suction and fall. I have a glass sliding door that we used this on and it worked very well. The vertibot needs to have it’s weight very balanced so that it can climb straight, so one battery goes on each side of the vertibot, so you have to unscrew two different areas to place the batteries in. When I undid one side it came out fine and went in fine. However, on the second side the tiny screw went flying and was never found. At first we were able to use the vertibot even though the battery compartment lid was hanging open. The vertibot would walk more sideways than up, due to the imperfect balance. Then after a while the vertibot started taking only a couple of steps before a battery would fall out or the vertibot would fall. I assume this is due to the lost screw, which caused the battery compartment to hang open and throw off the balance. So my overall impression is, this is a fun toy and is very well priced (11.99). Would be a great gift for young boys up through young teens even. However, when you go to take out the screws be sure to do it in a very clear area. My suggestion would be crouching down on your bathroom or kitchen floor if you have white or very light tile floor. The screw is black so it would show up great on a light floor. The vertibot is recommended for ages 7+ but I know several little boys as young as ages 2 or 3 who would really enjoy this toy if well supervised.

If you’d like to view the vertibot in action you can viewthis short video from

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Disclaimer – I received a free vertibot for the purposes of this review. No other form of compensation was offered or accepted. All opinions are my own.
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