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I was sent products for review from Elegear and Budget & Home. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Several years ago I rented a duplex that only had an upright shower. My boyfriend and I both had a hard time with the limited space available for holding our shampoo, conditioner, and body washes among other items. We tried a few different shower storage products. They were supposed to give you extra shelves to set your products on within the shower. 

None of the products that we tried worked very well. We tried a stand that was supposed to suction to the corner of the shower, and it was always falling off. We tried a couple of shelves that were supposed to hang over the shower head, but these were too heavy and would pull the shower head to a weird angle. We tried a shower shelf that got great reviews but relied on suction to stay in place, and it constantly fell down. 

Since then, I’ve gotten way more interested in haircare and use a lot more hair products. So when we moved last summer and again found ourselves with just a small upright shower…there really wasn’t enough storage space in the shower! Our bathroom is really small, and I can reach the bathroom counter while staying in the shower. 

For a while my solution was to leave some of my products on the counter while I got in the shower, and then reach out and grab them, use them, and put them back on the counter when I was done. I didn’t like having shower products on the kitchen counter though, as our bathroom counter is pretty small and easily crowded. 

elegear shower organization

All of this to say…I decided to try some shower storage products again. I really expected a repeat of my experience from a few years ago, but I was kinda desperate. I’m so excited to share that these products really have worked well! 

The Elegear adhesive shower caddy comes with two shelves. Both are of good size and can fit about four shampoo bottles of regular size. They are rustproof. They attach to your shower or wall with simple suction cups. Our shower is so small that I opted to put our shelves slightly above our shower walls. Meaning this is up against our regular drywall painted walls, not against the shower wall. I’m not sure if that makes a difference in how well it has stayed up, but it hasn’t fallen once. It feels really sturdy and I’ve got it fairly loaded up with products. 

The set comes with one hook that is intended to hang over the edge of one of the racks. It can hold most shaving razors. I wish the set came with two. While we only wish to store one razor in the shower, I have an exfoliator on a loop which I’d like to hang also.  

Elegear shower caddy

Overall, I’m really happy with the size of these racks, how much they can hold, and most importantly, how they stay in place! 

I was able to solve the “I’d like one more hook” problem with a different product also from Elegear. This is called “Suction cup hooks for shower” though the listing explains they can be used in a wide range of ways. The set comes with four hooks, but I just set up one. I put it between the shower caddy racks and have used it to hold my exfoliator.

elegear shower caddy

You just push the center of the hook to secure it against the wall. It’s worked great. It hasn’t fallen yet. The listing says these hooks can support up to 11lbs which I can’t speak for as I’ve only used it to hang a really light item. For his purpose though, it works well. 

I’ve been really happy with both of these products. It’s made my shower a lot more organized and it’s nice to have all the products I use in the shower be stored in the shower rather than having to reach out of the shower to grab them mid-shower. 

Elegear shower storage hooks

Buy it: You can shop from Elegear on amazon or the Elegear brand website

Win it: Elegear is offering a set of 4 suction hooks like I used. These could be used in the shower, the kitchen or elsewhere! 

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