Many people have started getting their cats microchiped so that if they are lost they can easily be returned home if their microchip is read. For those of you with microchipped cats, you also have the benefit of using innovative products like the sureflap. The sureflap is a microchip cat door, meaning a cat door that checks for a microchip before it allows an animal to move through the door. This way, if a stray cat, possum, etc try to come in the sureflap it simply won’t open to allow them in. I remember a few times as a kid where we wound end up with a neighbors cat in the house, thankfully racoons, possums and rabbits stayed out. The sureflap is compatible with all national standard chips and can run off of four AA batteries for up to a year. Additionally, there is a manual lock which allows you to keep your cat in or out. This is a great feature for people who like to know that their cats are all inside at night, or for keeping your cat inside if you know there is temporarily a stray dog in the area, etc.

Buy it: You can purchase the sureflap online at or various other retailers including amazon.

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