I don’t know if we are particularly bad about rolling over a lot at night or if fitted sheets don’t stay on for anyone, but I’ve always struggled with keeping fitted sheets on our bed. Our bed is a double sided pillowtop mattress, but most mattresses these days are and at 14″ thick, our mattress is a pretty standard depth. So, it doesn’t seem like your average fitted sheet should come off all the time but I was fixing ours at least three times a week, often daily.  I started looking around for a company who does things differently, I needed a sheet that stays on the bed. While searching around online, I found the Drawstring Sheet.


Instead of relying on elastic to hold the sheet onto the mattress, the drawstring sheet has more fabric than other sheets of the same size, so the sheet covers the top, sides, and a bit on the bottom side of the mattress. How much it covers under the mattress will vary depending on the depth of your mattress, but on my bed its roughly 4-5 inches. Here is a graphic that makes this easier to visualize (though the fabric extends further into the center for my bed).


The outside of the sheet has a drawstring that runs along side it, and the center of the side of the mattress has holes where the strings come out, and a unique plastic piece sits. The device takes the strings and flips them so they are pointing in the opposite direction that they were going when they came out of the sheet. This is a bit hard to explain, but if you’ve ever had drawstring pants or shorts, you may have realized that if you hold each string on the side where it comes out, and pull both strings outward, it will put stress on (and possibly rip) the hole here the string came out. To fix this, a lot of drawstring clothing has the strings cross like an X before they come out of the holes, or line the holes with metal fixtures. Likewise, the plastic piece on the drawstring sheet is designed to prevent you from pulling the strings in the wrong direction and damaging the sheet. So you have to just pull the strings after they have come through the plastic piece (the part of the plastic that is rectangular shaped in the photo below), never pull the strings BEFORE the plastic piece  or you’ll risk damaging your sheet.


When the sheet arrived, I was a bit nervous because there were three different “warning” papers explaining to me that I could damage the sheet so I was worried that it could be of low quality or something, but that’s not tee case at all. Its just that a lot of people pull the string before the plastic piece and damage their sheets so they really want to make sure you understand to leave the plastic piece alone and just pull the strings on the side that has been threaded through the plastic already. To help assist you with understanding this, the sheet comes with a piece of paper that links to a video that shows how to tighten your sheet properly. You can watch that below.

I’ve had our drawstring sheet for a few weeks now and the only time the sheet has come off is when I took it off to wash – I have no doubt in my mind that this sheet will be staying put. The sheet does get slightly looser as time goes on so you may have to readjust the strings but because there is extra fabric on the underside of the mattress, it stays on securely even when it gets loosened slightly.

If you are really particular about your sheet looking perfectly smooth, you may find that it takes more work to get this sheet to look “perfect” – I am not one to really are if there is a tiny wrinkle in the sheet so I just let it go. I think the reason its harder is because the sheet extends to the underside of the bed, so to pull it tight you have to pull the fabric as far as it will go into the center of the bottom of the mattress and to do that, you have to work your way around all edges of the bed. The top and one long side of my bed are against walls so getting to where I can access the underside of the mattress to pull the fabric tight inward is a chore.

Also, the leftover string is really quite long when tightened to my bed – well over 2 feet in length but my solution for this is to pull the string in between the mattress and box spring so that it doesn’t hang or fall onto the floor.

Right now, the sheets are available from twin to cal king sizes, all in 100% egyptian cotton white sheets. They are hopign to be able to expand to include more color options soon so keep an eye out for that.

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