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I’ve always been a bit of an environmentalist. Ever since a young age, I’ve been worried about what we’re doing to our Earth, and the problems it can cause. However, as an adult, I find it can be hard to be eco-friendly in the things I buy and use, especially when it comes to shoes and clothing. PONIC&Co. carries a line of eco-friendly shoes that you can feel good about purchasing and wearing. I was excited to be able to review some shoes from the PONIC&Co. line:


I received the PONIC&Co. Alex shoe in white. When I first saw the shoes, I thought they would be uncomfortable, because they’re made from a water-resistant material, that looks almost like rubber, but without the shine. However, I was really surprised when I put them on and found that they were really comfortable, even without socks. They’re very light-weight on your feet too. I’ve walked around in these quite a bit, and I found them comfortable right from the get-go. I didn’t have to wear them in or anything.

I live near Seattle, so I really appreciated that these shoes are water-proof. I have very few shoes that truly are. They are also shock absorbent for comfort, anti-microbial and completely washable. We’ve had a lot of rainy days lately, so it being anti-microbial and washable has really come in handy. I hardly ever wear white shoes, simply because they get dirty so easily, but these white shoes have actually stayed white!


These shoes are eco-friendly. They’re made from decomposed EVA, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, material. They do not use chlorine while producing the shoes, so it is less toxic during degradation in a land fill and will not poison the soil. You can feel good about purchasing these shoes, knowing that in the end, they will degrade and not pollute the Earth when they do.

The Ponic&Co. Alex shoe comes in a wide range of colors such as black, pink, orange and blue. Ponic&Co. also has two other styles of shoes. They have the Basil:


And the Cody:


If you’re looking for some comfortable, stylish eco-friendly shoes you should check out the Ponic&Co. line!

Buy it: You can buy the Ponic&Co. Alex shoes seen here, and more at the Ponic&Co. Website.

Connect: You can connect with Ponic&Co. on their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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