*I was sent a hedgehog sleep sack in return for this post. All opinions are my own.

I’ve had my hedgehog Henry for almost two years now but I have yet to figure him out in so many ways. He is way more finicky than you would ever think a tiny little critter could be. One of the most difficult the most difficult problem I’ve had to solve for him was finding a bed that he would sleep in. I tried igloos, tents, fleece fabric, boxes, you name it – to no avail. 


Thankfully, I came across the LaurelsZoo etsy shop where there are several options for hedgehog beds, including SUPER adorable tents, fleece sleep sacks, cotton sleep sacks, and even a super adorable fish shaped bed! I ordered a fleece sleep sack and was so thankful that he took well to it and would sleep it in every single night because I had been on the search for a bed that he would use for over a year by the time that I found it.


Now my only problem has been having a backup for when his sleep sack is in the wash. Hedgehogs run on their wheels for at least a couple of hours per night and they tend to go to the bathroom while running. This is gross because their poo gets on the wheel as tehy run, and they keep running so their feet get dirty – and then he gets off, crawls into his (white fleece lined) bed and makes tracks. So I have to wash his bag pretty often but it’s held up perfectly to being machine washed dozens of times.


So, it was only common sense that I wanted a second fleece sleep sack from LaurelsZoo to use when his was in the wash. I was sent this super cute space fabric sleep sack for review and Henry my hedgehog has used it just as happily as he does his old bag. I like going with the darker fabrics because light doesn’t get through as well. Hedgehogs are nocturnal so during the day, Henry appreciates his cage (and sleeping area) being dark and the darker fabric helps keep things dark. They can be used for other small animals too such as mice or rats. It’s much longer than is required for a hedgehog, as you can see below, I can fit the entire length of my fingers into the bag without even hitting him when he’s in the bottom, making them suitable for critters slightly larger than hedgehogs, too.


At $9.50 each (plus $2.75 for shipping in the US) these bags are a steal. They are really well made, as my first one is still going strong with the only sign of wear being a bit of pilling from the fleece being washed so many times. I have no doubt that it will last for years to come. Most importantly, my hedgehog likes and will use his Hedgehog sleep sack from Laurels Zoo, making them infinity more valuable than the other bedding options I tried prior to this one because he wouldn’t use them.


If you have kids, Laurels Zoo also offers hand and finger puppets that are super cute! Keep them in mind for christmas.

Plan to shop at LaurelsZoo? Use the code EMILYREVIEWS to save 10% on your order!

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  • I didn’t think you seriously had a real live pet hedgehog! Get out of town. I know you are a hit with all the kids. What a unique set of pet issues you have! Love the finger puppets too.

  • Ahhhh you made my day! We used to have two hedgehogs, years ago. They are awesome! And yes they do love their bags!

    • emmy

      Lol how funny! It’s always fun to run into other hedgehog owners as its so rare. Most people look at me like I have two heads when I say I have a hedgehog. I think it comes from confusing them with porcupines. Prior to getting interested in getting a pet hedgehog, I confused them as well but now that I know how vastly different the are its funny that people mix the two up.

  • oh my gosh, that’s so adorable, I can’t believe you have a hedgehog and he’s all snuggled in

  • Jenn @TheRebelChick

    Oh my gosh I’ve always wanted a hedgehog! He’s so cute!! These little sleep sacks are so adorable and he looks so snuggly in there! I had no idea they did their potty business and ran in it! Yuck. LOL

  • OMG, so cute!! My neighbor’s have a hedgehog! Super adorable 🙂

  • Jasanna Czellar

    This is so fun! I’ve been contemplating getting a hedgehog…can you tell me pros and cons? How long do they live? Do they play or do they only play around midnight? Are they quick or slow? I want to know from your experience!

    • emmy

      Once you get everything you need for them (cage, heat lamp, food/water dish, bed, and wheel) they are a really affordable pet because the just eat (high quality) cat food. A 5lb bag lasts me more than 6 months, so even though its an expensive brand ($13 for the bag) it works out to like $2 a month to feed him. They’re fun and funny and if you hold them regularly they are nice to humans. Cons would be they are pokey so if they get scared and ball up, it hurts. The are nocturnal and they run on their wheels for several hours, mine does from about 10pm to 5 am and even the “silent” wheels are loud so if they are in your bedroom you’ll lose sleep until you get used to the noise. If humans are scared of them, they sense it and get scared themselves and ball up which pokes you – so they aren’t a good pet for kids as kids are always nervous and move too quickly which scares them. I like having ours but they are unique pets with unique needs so definitely do your research before making a decision. 🙂

  • Deb E

    Can’t say I’ve ever know anyone who owned a hedgehog. They sure are adorable and yes I bet not too expensive to keep happy. Ha, I have a crochet pattern for finger puppets but these are ones I’d rather buy!

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