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I have a slight addiction to Aeropostale brand jeans. I have a pear shaped body and most jeans designed for Juniors brands are too narrow through the hips and thighs when the waist fits me. When I buy a lot of juniors brands, I have to size up to get the thighs to fit me okay but then the waist area gaps apart from my body so I have to wear a belt. Shopping in brands or stores that have women’s or misses jeans fit my shape better, but they aren’t really designed to look like jeans that I, as a 22 year old, want to wear. Aeropostale jeans are cut wider through the hips and thighs like a lot of women’s or misses brands but they have the modern, young look that I like. I’m 5′ tall so the fact that their jeans are available in “short” is a huge bonus too. They are just a really ideal fit for me. I’ve had Aeropostale jeans that have lasted me more than four years before they finally got rips or tears and were tossed out.

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I’ve been wearing Aero jeans since I was about 12 and even now, they make up roughly 75% of the jeans that I own. Yet, I’ve noticed some fit differences in the different lines that they have. In most brands of jeans, I would wear a size 5 in juniors, but because Aeropostale is cut wider in the thighs and hips, I wear smaller sizes in their brand most of the time. I have jeans that are Chelsea Skinny Bootcut, Chelsea Bootcut, Hailey flair, Hailey Skinny Flair, etc and in some of these styles I require a different size than others. I have a lot of Aeropostale jeans that are 1/2 and a lot that are 3/4 that all fit. I also have two pairs that are a size 5/6 that fit fine. So, I used to be afraid of buying Aeropostale jeans online if they were from a style line that I hadn’t tried on before which was a bummer because they sometimes have really nice deals online. I also noticed that they have revamped their sizing system so instead of including two numbers (1/2) they just have one number (like size 2).


Thankfully, I discovered Before I shop which is a website designed to help you make smart purchasing decisions when it comes to clothing and fashion. You can use their site to find reviews of clothing from Aeropostale as well as other fashion brands. Right now, their site covers Hollister, Victoria’s Secret, Forever 21, H&M, Target, J. Crew, Charlotte Russe, Urban Outfitters, Aeropostale and Express. When I visit the site and select Aeropostale I can find reviews of their clothing (often including details about how the clothing fit in comparison to other brands or products), sales and coupon codes. You can also leave reviews. I left a review of one of my favorite pairs of jeans from Aeropostale that are a pair of Chelsea Skinny Bootcut jeans.


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