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*I was given a complimentary pair of Atipas. All opinions are my own.

Kelsie started pulling up next to furniture around 8.5 or 9 months old. It was fun to see her explore the world from her new perspective, but she didn’t really have the balancing part down very well, and that combined with her slippery socks on our hard flooring meant she fell down a lot. She would predict her fall because her feet would start slipping in opposite directions and she’d yell, unable to do anything on her own. We tried buying socks with rubbery dots on the bottom, but they barely helped.

attipas baby slipper shoesattipasshoe

So when I got offered a pair of Attipas, I was eager to try them out. Attipas are sort of like socks, sort of like slippers and sort of like shoes. The ankle and top of the foot are a traditional sock material, while the soles, heel and toe area are made of thermoplastic elastomers which is a thicker material that is rubbery feeling. The sole is very bendable and breathable, making it a great material for baby and toddler shoes. The sole material does a wonderful job of helping Kelsie keep her footing on the floor, in fact, her feet doesn’t slip while wearing them at all.


The toe area is over-sized to allow free movement of the toes, so when the slippers aren’t on they are shaped kind of funny but once they are on, the foot helps form them so they look closer to the shape of regular shoes. Attipas are available in half sizes, so I ordered a half-size bigger than what Kelsie really needed (4.5 instead of 4) so her Attipas still look a little oddly shaped but they work great for her. If we had been able to order her exact size or if she had thicker feet (from sole to the top of the foot) then they would look differently, I think.

Attipas baby slipper shoesAttipas toddler slipper shoes

In regular shoes, Kelsie really struggles to move or step at all and with the Attipas she walked like she would in socks or barefoot. I think Attipas are great for babies who are pulling up, learning to walk or new to walking, in particular.

Attipas baby slipper shoes

Attipas are machine washable. They come in sizes 3.5 (9-12 months) to 6.5 (2-2.5 years).

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