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Baabuk sent me Pomobuk Slippers for review. All opinions are my own.

I tried out the Pomobuk Slippers from Baabuk USA. I have a condition called POTS, which results in my body doing a bad job of regulating my body temperature.  This problem seems particularly bad in my feet which is a big part of why I was drawn to these wool-based slippers. Wool provides comfort and breathability. Not only did they deliver on those fronts, but they also showcased their commitment to sustainability through their upcycled materials.

Comfort and Temperature Regulation: I ordered my usual size, and the Pomobuk Slippers fit me perfectly. One of the main reasons I opted for wool-based footwear was to address the issue of my feet sweating excessively while also getting cold easily. In the past, I relied on wool socks, but those can be quite expensive, $20 per pair or so is common. Keeping enough socks at that price is really expensive. It occurred to met hat perhaps a more economical way to keep my feet dry and warm at home would be to use wool slippers with regular socks, rather than having to buy so many wool socks.

baabuk USA slippers

Since I started wearing these slippers, I have found that I am able to wear regular socks without my feet getting sweaty or freezing like they would if I wore regular socks by themselves. These slippers keep my feet dry and comfortable, preventing overheating without compromising warmth. Baabuk’s use of natural wool uppers sourced from New Zealand sheep, which are mulesing-free, ensures a cozy and eco-friendly experience.

Baabuk teamed up with the Swiss brand Pomoca to create the Pomobuk Slippers, incorporating upcycled cuttings from freeride and ski mountaineering skins into the soles. This collaboration not only tackles the issue of waste but also results in durable and versatile slipper bottoms. The slippers are designed in Switzerland and handmade in Nepal by local artisans. The combination of Swiss design and Nepalese craftsmanship creates a unique blend of quality and traditional artistry. The commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of upcycled materials, as well as their 365-day warranty, which covers any material damage, providing peace of mind to customers.

baabuk usa slippers

If you need to clean these slippers, using a damp cloth and baking soda is the recommended method. sAdditionally, Baabuk offers repair kits and replacement insoles, further extending the lifespan of these slippers.

These Pomobuk Slippers from Baabuk USA have become my go-to footwear for comfort and temperature regulation at home. Their wool uppers keep my feet dry and comfortable without overheating, and the use of upcycled Pomoca ski-skins for the soles showcases their commitment to sustainability. While caution is needed due to the smooth soles (it’s easy to slip on some flooring!), the overall experience with these slippers has been excellent. I appreciate Baabuk’s craftsmanship, attention to detail, and their 365-day warranty, which demonstrates their dedication to creating sustainable and durable products. These slippers have certainly made a positive impact on my daily comfort and will likely save me money in the long run by reducing my need for wool socks. I highly recommend the Pomobuk Slippers to anyone seeking cozy, eco-friendly, and high-quality footwear for their indoor adventures.

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  • Ashley Parks

    Those look super comfortable and soft! I love that they are made with wool. The 365 day warranty is a very nice benefit!

  • Kari B

    These look so cozy and comfortable to wear around the house.

  • Sue E

    These slippers look fun, soft, and comfy!
    I never heard of the condition that you have, but I definitely know how you feel! I’m a Diabetic. My feet get as cold as ice 🧊 I have bought thermal socks and slippers, etc. to no avail. I also have never had a warranty like this company offèrs! They offer a 365-day warranty, which covers any material damage, which is really cool 😎 and makes this offer more attractive! Thank you for sharing!!

  • Peggy Nunn

    those look so nice. I know I would like a pair.

  • Lauryn R

    These slippers sound great! I love that they are so breathable yet comfortable, and sustainable. I didn’t know wool slippers existed; I am definitely going to have to get a pair of these now! Thank you so much for your review.

  • Peter M

    THese look great. Mostly see knit slipper/socks. How warm are these in winter?

    • I didn’t get these until this spring so I can’t yet speak to how they perform in the winter. In owning wool socks, leggings and shirts though, I’ve found that I find wool to be a comfortable material for fall through spring weather here in Michigan, because it’s breathable, it adjusts to different temperature conditions somewhat.

  • Maria Egan

    I wear slippers in my house all year long because I get pain in my feet if I stand too long. These look so comfortable and cozy with such high quality.

  • Ashley Parks

    I wonder how supportive these are when you are on your feet at home a lot. They do look very soft! They sound fairly easy to clean too.

  • sheila ressel

    These are so cute and look so comfy! I love that they are made from upcycled materials. I really want a pair.

  • Julie Waldron

    Those look so comfy, they’re cute too! They sound like they’re well made & great quality.

  • gloria patterson

    going to share this with my niece……… She has all kinda problems and I think these would help her lot…… and she loves wool

  • Helga

    These slippers look so soft and cozy for the cold months.

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