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I find men really difficult to shop for. Even though I spend almost all of my time with Ryan with us both working from home, I never know what to get him for his birthday or holidays. I often search the internet for unique gift ideas for men but it usually takes a lot of searching to find even a couple of unique gift ideas. I was excited to discover Guyville.com, a site that specializes in gifts for men. You can search based on his personality type or interest (such as grillmaster, businessman, outdoorsman, etc) or by occasion or department. Some men like my dad fit well into the personality groups (outdoorsman) while others like Ryan did not, so I love how I can browse in different ways. Here are the top 5 items that stuck out to me as unique gift ideas for men.

cocktail glass set

1) This cocktail glass set that comes in a cedar box. Ryan had mentioned wanting “booze glasses” because we just use our regular cups and it seems odd. I love how they come in a cedar box because it just has that oh-so-manly feel to it.

personalized whiskey barrel

2) Even though i’m a woman, the personalized whiskey barrel is probably my personal favorite from this list. Whiskey barrels and wine barrels just have a neat feel to them and having one personalized for your wedding, mancave or other party would be such a neat touch.


3) When I came across these leather grilling gloves, I thought they would be perfect for my dad. We grill at all of our family parties when it is nice enough to be outside. The task of grilling gets divided pretty evenly between my dad and my brother. They are neighbors and my dad got a new grill for Father’s day a few years back so they share it but my dad is always complaining that my brother runs off with his various grilling tools. Having the leather grilling gloves personalized with his name would make them a lot harder for my brother to get away with snatching!

engraved half yard glass

4) My brother likes to get together with friends or family members and enjoy his favorite type of beer. While I’ve always known this, I never really considered it as something that I could use as a gift inspiration unless I were to get him just beer itself. Then I came across the engraved half yard glass I thought it would be such a neat, unique gift for him. He could use it with his favorite type of beer and it could even work as an extension on a joke that we’ve had for years. We always laugh at my brother because when he’s finished with a beer, he never tosses the can or bottle in the recycling bin right away, instead he leaves it on the table. Then he’ll open another and get talking and accidentally grab the empty can or bottle. Using this bottle could be his solution for keeping track of what he’s drinking out of!

nappa leather grooming kit

5) I have a grooming tool set that came in a glittery purple case. Ryan steals the nail clippers from it all the time, so he really could use his own grooming kit but the ones I’ve seen in stores locally are all aimed at women. The nappa leather grooming kit would be perfect for him because it’s clearly made for men and it has lots of extra tools like the corkscrew/knife combo that make it more useful.

Which of these gift ideas would be a good fit for a man in your life?



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