Distilled water has become quite popular. Most bottled water brands are made from distilled water, which creates a nice clean taste, and completely removes contaminants, as well as additives to our water, like fluoride. After personally reading up a lot about fluoride, I decided that I no longer wanted to ingest fluoridated water, or other products. This left me with only a few options. I could drink solely distilled bottled water, which would be both expensive, and create a lot of plastic waste, I could get a reverse-osmosis water filtration system, which only removes most fluoride, not all, or I could get a water distillation system. Water distillers remove the broadest range of contaminants of any water filtration system, and is the most effective way to remove fluoride. Waterwise carries a convenient, countertop water distillation system, that I was lucky enough to be able to try out.

I received the following from Waterwise for review:

I received the Waterwise 8800 Countertop Water Distiller. The Waterwise 8800 is a water distiller that sits right on your countertop. The Waterwise 8800 makes one gallon with each run, and it can make 6 gallons in 24 hours. All you do is fill the large round kettle with tap water, press the “start” button, and it starts distilling the water into the carafe. It really couldn’t be easier.

I have to say, I was a bit intimidated by the thought of having a water distiller. Just the name reminded me of distillation set-ups in labs, and they can be pretty complicated. However, the Waterwise 8800 really is anything but. It comes in a big box, and all you have to do is take out the stand, the kettle, and the carafe and put them in their appropriate places. The one piece of set-up required, is that you have to install the carbon filter into the carafe, and that only takes about two minutes.


I received the 6-pack of carbon filter bags, a one year supply, along with the Waterwise 8800 distiller. The carbon filter bags are not required for the water distiller to work properly, they are simply for taste. The carbon filter makes the water taste better after it’s been heated. You can run the distiller without it, but the carbon filters are definitely recommended.


The Waterwise Distiller is basically three pieces, the stand, the kettle and the carafe. The kettle is the left piece, where you pour tap water into. You simply fill it up to the MAX line, and close the lid. Then you click it into place on the left side of the stand. Then you just make sure the carafe is also clicked into the place, and press the “start” button. The Waterwise Distiller starts distilling, and water drips into the carafe. You can then remove the carafe, and put it right in your fridge and pour water out from it. It really is just that easy. It also requires very little cleaning. You simply rinse out the kettle after each run, and clean the carafe as needed. Waterwise even has a cleaner/descaler you can purchase if your kettle needs descaling over time.

The Waterwise 8800 Distiller tells you on its LCD screen if anything is wrong. There were a couple of times when I didn’t have the carafe pushed in all the way, and the light started blinking, and it said “carafe”. So easy!


It takes four hours to make one gallon of water with the Waterwise Countertop 8800 Distiller, which is much faster than I thought it would be. The distiller also lets you stop in the middle, so if you’ve run out of water, and need some more, you can stop the distiller, and simply pour some out, and then re-start it. I found that to be really convenient. You can also purchase a second carafe, so that you can start making water, while the other is in the fridge, so if you have a family that drinks lots of water, you’ll never run out. For my fiance and I we seem to do fine with just the one carafe, and we both drink a LOT of water.

So why water distillation? Well, as I mentioned before, water distillation removes the most contaminants of any other filtration system. It is also incredibly consistent, unlike most other filtration systems. With water distillation, you get the closest to pure water that you can possibly get. It is also the best way to remove fluoride. The Waterwise 8800 water distiller removes 99% of fluoride, chlorine, arsenic, and lead. It removes 99.999% of microbiological agents in water, along with a host of other organic and inorganic chemicals. There isn’t any other type of filtration that can compete with that. It also saves you money in the long run from purchasing commercial bottled water, and saves waste!

Here you can see a comparison chart, which is also found, with further explanations, on the Waterwise Website.

The water we get from out Waterwise water distiller tastes SO good! We only drink our distilled water now, and use it to make ice, to fill our espresso machine, and to cook with. I love the taste of the water, and it’s incredibly consistent. It’s also crazy to see what’s left over once you run the distiller. There’s normally a little bit of yucky, yellow water left over, so I can see exactly what the distiller is removing from our water.

Overall, I’ve loved my Waterwise Water Distiller. The 8800 doesn’t take up too much space on my counter, and it’s so easy to use! It’s also really sturdy. I accidentally dropped the kettle on the ground, and it was still perfectly fine, not even a ding. The Waterwise 8800 Countertop Distiller comes with a one year warranty, and is currently on sale for $100 less than the retail price. If you’re looking for a way to remove fluoride from water, or just to get safe, clean water every single time, then you should definitely check it out!

Buy it: You can buy the Waterwise 8800 Countertop Water Distiller, and more water purification products on the Waterwise Website.

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  • My husband I and I have been talking about getting a distiller. This looks like a pretty good option.

  • I’ve never seen a countertop water distiller. We have reverse osmosis, I always thought that was the best.

  • jen

    I really need to look into something like this. We spend so much money on bottled water. Not good for the environment I know.

  • Ive never seen one for the counter before. We use a water cooler service for about a year now and although it cut down on the waste of so many individual water bottles its still pricey. Maybe I need to look into something like this.

  • Roechelle

    That’s funny, I was just saying that I need to get a distiller especially since I make a lot of my own beauty products that calls for distilled water. This one sounds great.

  • I don’t think I’ve ever seen a countertop water distiller before! That’s such a great alternative to drinking the nasty tap water that our county has…it’s full of all kinds of garbage and tastes horrible!

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  • Larry

    I have been drinking distilled water for over 35 years. I had some friends show me a distiller back then and I decided since my body is over 70percent water it would make sense to drink water without all the added
    stuff like chlorine and fluoride. Water distillers are about the only thing that will take fluoride out. Do not buy
    a reverse osmosis unit because you have to buy filters and it’s hard to tell when they need to be changed and unless you buy a really expensive system they won’t get out fluoride. When I see folks at the grocery store hauling out 5 to 10 gallons of distilled or drinking water I tell them about counter-top
    water distillers. Also if you are buying water in a store most states do not regulate bottled water so some will put in some purified and then fill the rest with tap water. I have the Water Wise that was shown here and it works great and it’s quiet. When I eventually get build up of the undissolved solids that are being removed by my distiller I get a gallon of white vinegar and fill the boiling chamber up to where it’s covering the buildup and let it set for about 5 to 6 hours and then pour the vinegar back in it’s container because you can use it over and over. One thing do not use a steel wool pad or any brillo pads, it will scratch your stainless steel and cause it to rust. One other tip you will find the water has a little more flavor when you put it in the refrigerator,it helps it to absorb more oxygen when cooled.

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