Pioneer pet ceramic cat fountain

Pioneer Pet sent me their ceramic raindrop style cat fountain for review. All opinions are my own. 

As a new cat mom, I’m learning so much about keeping cats healthy. One surprising thing I discovered is that kitties are prone to dehydration! Wet food helps increase their water intake, but I also wanted a fountain to encourage my kitten Pepperoni to drink more water directly. Cats are naturally suspicious of stagnant water, so they tend to drink more from fountains. 

I opted for the Pioneer Pet Raindrop ceramic fountain since I wanted to avoid plastic, as plastics can harbor more bacteria. This fountain has a modern raindrop shape with a durable ceramic bowl. The continuously circulating water is naturally appealing to pets – the sight and sound entices them to drink more.

Pioneer Pet raindrop ceramic cat water fountain

It was super easy to set up. The basic pump has adjustable flow settings so you can make the water trickle or bubble. I experimented with different levels and found Pepperoni preferred the lower trickle setting. The 60oz capacity means it is big enough on hold enough water for multiple pets for multiple days. I find that we have to refill it for cleaning purposes way before it gets low on water. 

The fountain comes with a replaceable charcoal filter that removes impurities for healthier water. I change the filter every few weeks. The ceramic bowl helps prevent acne issues that plastic can cause for some cats. And the fountain is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. I believe the filter likely makes the water more pure, similar to how we would filter water for human consumption. It doesn’t filter out large impurities like hair or dust, though. Pepperoni likes to dunk her paw in the water, so we have to clean the water to get her hair out of it regularly. 

Pioneer pet teardrop cat fountain

I’m thrilled to report the fountain is a huge hit with Pepperoni! She is drinking way more water now that she has constant access to the flowing stream. Within just a day, I noticed a big difference in her litter box visits – proof she was increasing hydration. She rarely even touches regular standing water anymore! She definitely has a strong preference for drinking from this fountain. 

Having multiple water sources is supposed to encourage drinking, and this fountain takes it up a notch with its appealing cascading water. Between her wet food and the fountain, I feel much better about Pepperoni getting enough fluids. Proper hydration is so important for long-term kidney health in cats.

Pioneer pet ceramic cat fountain

The modern style blends right into my kitchen décor. It looks far nicer than the average plastic pet fountain. And the ceramic material means I don’t have to worry about bacteria that can grow in plastic bowls.

I would highly recommend this fountain to any cat owner looking to increase their pet’s water intake. Pepperoni is drawn to the cascading stream and drinks way more as a result.

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