DIY Ready for anything emergency car kit

*I was sent items from Minimus. All opinions are my own.

DIY ready for anything car kit

For years I’ve carried around a large purse. On occasion, people have picked up my purse to move it out of their way and been shocked at how heavy it was. I’ve heard “What do you keep in there? Bricks?” on multiple occasions. I like to be prepared, and in the past the best way I knew of to be prepared was to keep too much stuff in my purse.

Having emergency items in my purse has helped me out in so many situations. I once had a bra strap break & having a safety-pin in my purse let me repair it until I could get home. When a sinus headache comes on, finding a dose of sinus medication in my purse gave me the ability to move forward with my day instead of laying my head against the table in pain.

Having bug spray and sunscreen with me has kept us from getting bit up or burned after making a spontaneous decision to head to a friend’s house, go fishing or head to the lake.

Yet, it’s a pain to carry that stuff around all the time in my purse. It recently occurred to me that I could make an emergency preparedness kit to keep in my car. I realized could even include items for a wider range of emergencies because I have so much room to store things in the car than my purse.

I decided to make a DIY emergency kit for my car for true emergencies like having the vehicle break down with a dead phone battery to smaller inconveniences like getting to a wedding and realizing you have dog hair on your outfit. I have been working on creating a list of items to put in my DIY emergency kit.

Items For Wardrobe “Emergencies”:
Have a spare outfit for everyone
Lint Roller
Sewing kit
Flip Flops
Stain remover pen or wipes
Bathing Suit

Items For Weather Emergencies:
Heat reflective survival wrap

Items For Health Emergencies:
Water bottles
Pain relievers
Sinus medication
Anti-diarrhea medication
Allergy medication
Anti-itch cream
Foot powder
Sting relief gel
Bug spray
Burn cream
Triple antibiotic ointment
Acid reducer
Cough drops
Eye drops
Glasses cleaner cloth
Contact solution
Contact holder

Items For Hygiene & Cleanliness “emergencies”
Cleaning wipes
Liquid soap
Hand sanitizer
Toilet paper
Baby wipes
Mouth wash
Cotton swabs
Body wash
Lip balm
Tooth brush
Toilet seat protectors
Wash cloth
Nail clippers
Napkins or paper towel

Items for Boredom and Entertainment “emergencies” for kids:
Coloring book
Pack of cards
Travel size games
Sippy cup
Diaper cream

Environmental Emergencies & Other
Duct tape
Safety pins
Glasses repair kit
Rubber bands
Bungee cord
Ziploc bags
Grocery bag
Notepad & pen
Seat belt cutter
Power bank (to charge cell phone)

Buying everything in full size to make this kit would be incredibly expensive. So to make my kit, I ordered trial and travel size products from a site called Minimus which sells tons of trial, travel and individual-use size products.

The items were incredibly reasonably priced – the comb I ordered was .15, a single use thermometer was .32, an 8 pack of bandaids was $1.32, etc. Plus, all orders of $20 or more ship for free. You can pick up a sterilite storage box for around $15 on Amazon. order

Do you keep an emergency preparedness kit in your car? What items would you add to my list for the kit?




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  • I would recommend storing most of this stuff in a styrofoam cooler so extreme temperatures won’t affect the items so much. The car gets really hot or cold when just sitting. A cooler comes in handy for a farmers market stop too.

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  • I would add… 🙂
    Q-tips with cotton swabs
    Rubber gloves (you said gloves but with the weather related I would have the rubber with medical)
    Some may need a brush over a comb
    I keep plastic covered toothpicks (I pick up a few extra while out eating)
    Screw driver (Phillips & flat head)
    I have a mini air compressor
    2 camping chairs (you would believe how many times I break out my own chair)
    Cash (I have hidden change, and hidden bills else where)

    That’s all I can think of..your list has just about everything.. 🙂

  • Dee

    I keep my kit in a medium sized rolling cooler. It keeps the kit all together, fits easily in the car, is easy to pull around and the outside pockets are great for umbrellas, rain ponchos, a small ziploc bag with Band-Aids and other thing you may need quickly.

  • katie

    This is a great list, I wouldn’t add anything more to it but must say extra deodorant is brilliant because whenever I’m rushing to get somewhere it’s always something I forget when we have a full day of errands or an all day event.

  • this is good I would of never thought of half of these things

  • Cheryl

    I keep hiking shoes and socks and a folding, rolling luggage cart in case I have to walk home. That way I don’t have to choose between carrying my emergency supplies and leaving them behind.

  • Deb E

    I’m a prepper so I love this list! I have to say I hadn’t thought of grease, but I do keep a container of oil in the trunk. My trunk emergencies so need a makeover or at the least some better organization. No snow here in Cali but better safe than sorry with the next possible emergency.

  • kathy downey

    Wow,thanks for all the great ideas and tips !

  • Lisa W

    This is such a great little kit and amazing list. Very ready!

  • I have a similar box in my car, or I did before I totalled it. LOL. Will do another one eventually.

  • Bev

    That is a good list. I make sure to keep a blanket in the car. My car broke down in below zero weather. I had a pair of winter boots and a blanket in the car and I’m thankful I did. The tow truck driver miised me and drove by so I had to wait some time before he came back.

  • Pamela

    What a great list! I have some emergency supplies in my car, but not as many – I’ll have to revisit mine. With a baby in tow, one thing I always have to have is a clean pacifier!!

  • Karen Propes

    Great list, I like to keep my bag ready at all times. I also bring a small rope or clothesline with clothespins to hang up wet clothes or if you need to wash something out and hang it to dry. I also keep xtra bags in case we have trash to toss or bags to put dirty clothes in. I also have a box I keep in all our cars that has small memo pad, pens, tape, money just in case. Here recently the way traffic is we also carry xtra water and snacks in case we get stuck in traffic. They also sell small bags like Travel Johns in case someone needs to go to the bathroom. It has an ingredient that absobs the liqud so it won’t leak out. We were stuck in traffic for 14 hours one time and I always keep xtras in the car just in case. Thanks for sharing your lists with us. It is always better to be prepared for the just in case situations.

  • Deborah W.

    Wow, I though I had a good kit but compared to yours it’s lacking a lot. I love all the things you came up with; great ideas! Will copy and put in our van. Thanks!

  • barrie

    Wow, you have a very thorough kit! I admit I don’t have one but you’ve definitely made me rethink it!

  • Elizabeth Snook

    I definitely would recommend having an emergency case of NECESSITIES, but in case of emergency, you’re not going to need a lot of these things. There’s only a handful of things from this entire list I’d use/store in my care, maybe 2-4 things from each section I’d actually have with me at all times.

  • wen budro

    I live in Alaska so I always have a preparedness kit in my car…….especially during Winter. It provides peace of mind when I’m driving. Thank you for the more comprehensive list because I need to add some missing items to my kit. Those hand warmers are amazing when I get super cold.

  • natalie nichols

    Yes. I had a kit in my last car but I wrecked it in a horrible accident. I need to make one of these for my new car. Thanks so much for the great ideas.

  • Lynne B

    That’s quite an extensive list! I like that you used all sample or travel-sized. It helps keep the emergency kit size manageable.

  • Lynne B

    My bag used to be an emergency kit! My husband was always astounded at things I’d pull out for emergencies, big and small. Thanks for your list and where you source them.

  • Susan Hartman

    You have quite a list. I have one in my car but mine is a combo of health and environmental items which I keep in a small rubbermaid container. Glad to see that you included my favorite item – duct tape.

  • River

    A whole bottle of Febreze?? I guess some people, who have actually experienced many emergencies, have a different perspective. Thanks for the Laugh! If only life’s true emergencies were needing a huge bottle of Febreze!

  • Aw

    Where do you put your groceries when you go shopping if you have all this stuff already in your trunk?

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