*I was sent product from Jones Natural Chews. All opinions are my own.

It wasn’t long after adopting my pugs Frank & Beans that I started searching for “chews” for them. My local supermarkets don’t carry many options so I turned my search online. I’ve seen Jones Natural Chews products listed on so many websites and almost purchased items from the brand multiple times. A few weeks ago, I finally had my dogs try out a few products from Jones Natural Chews and I’m kicking myself for not trying their items earlier. We’ve found multiple new favorites.

jones natural chews variety bag review

One of our new favorites is the Jones Natural Chews Variety Bag. These come in 19 count and 20 count bags of chews. They can potentially include bully sticks, ears, K-9 bacon, windees, boomersticks, steer sticks, big paw jerky, woofers and links. These are a great way to try out a lot of different chews at once. My dogs get less interested in a chew if I give them the same type too often, so the variety bags are a great way to keep them interested as well. I was able to try two variety bags and while each bag had a different variety, I felt that both were pretty well-balanced between at least 3 different types of chews. The photo below shows the contents of one bag. The other was fairly similar but with any variety bag there is no guarantee that you’ll get each type of chew or an even variety. However, the bags do have a clear portion on the front of the bag so when purchasing in person you can peek somewhat.  I see that Amazon has the bag listed for $5.98 with $4.99, and I’d gladly pay around $11 for this bag as I think it’s a great value. I did notice that most of the items in the bag feel greasy so I do make my dogs eat these on the floor in a room without carpeting. My dogs tend to be very sensitive to changes in diet and they didn’t have any digestion issues as a result of these chews.

jones natural chews windees

The second item from Jones Natural Chews that we fell in love with was their “Windee Rings.” A few weeks after Frank & Beans arrived, they tried a trachea (or windpipe) chew. They were just simply too large for Frank & Beans to chew because they could not get the chew in their mouth. Despite the windpipe being too big, they tried really hard for quite a while but it was just not possible. So when I came across “Windee Rings” which are basically sliced pieces of windpipe for smaller dogs, I was eager to try them. Frank & Beans both REALLY liked these chews and although they appear quite small, they last Frank & Beans 20-30 minutes each which makes them a great distraction for my pugs. Most chews that we find either get digested in a minute or two or they are BIG, indulgent treats. I think the Windee rings are a great, smaller chew that still lasts long enough to be a worthwhile chew for my dogs. I’ll definitely be buying more of these in the future. SitStay.com currently has the 2oz bags (our 2oz bags had 6 windee rings in them) for $2.10.

jones natural chews coco's collection review

We were also able to check out Jones Natural Chews Coco’s Collection. This is a small bag that is packed full of tender taffy beef liver pieces, tender taffy chicken blend pieces, big paw jerky pieces and sausage stick pieces. The Coco’s Collection bags are also a great way to try out more than one type of product at once. My dogs loved the contents of Coco’s Collection. Everything included in our bags was easy to break into smaller pieces for training-size treats which is how we used them. These bags lasted us quite a while despite their small size because it really was packed full.

I was really happy with all of the items from Jones Natural Chews. They are a great price, nice quality & are made in the USA from start to finish. I am now eager to try more items from the Jones brand. I have a feeling we will be fans for life.

You can connect with Jones Natural Chews on Facebook and Twitter. You can purchase from retailers like Amazon, Tractor Supply Co, SitStay.com and more. Check out the retailers page to find a store near you.




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