Glazed Beef Cheek Rolls

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Like many pet parents, I get our dogs Christmas gifts. I usually get Kenya our senior great dane/mastiff and Kassi our mid-life pitbull mix, a combination of toys, chews, and treats. This year, I turned to Redbarn Pet Products for some of their gifts. 

Redbarn Pet Products prioritize the health and wellness of your pet. Their dog treats are made with natural sources of protein. They are all free from additives and preservatives. Redbarn Pet Products include dog food, treats, bones, chews, and bully sticks. 

Redbarn Pet Products had a lot to choose from. I decided on a combination of treats and chews- Whitefish, Beef, and Chicken Cuts, Puffed Collagen chews, Choppers, and Glazed Cheek Rolls.  

Glazed Beef Cheek Rolls

Whitefish, Beef, and Chicken Cuts are slow-roasted to help maintain the nutritional value of the meat. They are 100% made in the USA. Whitefish, Beef, and Chicken Cuts are free of artificial flavors, chemicals, and preservatives. They are made with wholesome ingredients. No matter which flavor you choose Whitefish, Beef, or Chicken they are high-protein treats for dogs.

Glazed Beef Cheek Rolls

Puffed Collagen Chews are available in a variety of sizes and shapes, including sticks, braids, a ring, and a spring. I chose the Puffed Collagen Ring, Puffed Collagen Spring, and Puff Braid. These chews are all-beef. They are 100% natural and are free from grain, gluten, wheat, corn, and soy. Puffed Collagen Chews are naturally rich in chondroitin and glucosamine, which support healthy joints and a healthy coat. Not only are they higher in protein and less fat than traditional rawhide treats, but they are also safer to chew and easier to digest. 

Glazed Beef Cheek Rolls

Choppers are made with an all-natural beef lung that has been oven roasted. The beef lung is the only ingredient in Choppers. It comes directly from US cattle ranchers. Choppers are high-protein, low-fat treats. They help support your dog’s dental health by naturally scraping away plaque and massaging their gums as they chew. 

Glazed Beef Cheek Rolls

Glazed Beef Cheek Rolls are an all-natural chew made from the cow’s entire cheek. They are free of chemicals, additives, and preservatives. They are available in Chicken and Carrot, Peanut Butter, and Bully Flavors. Beef Cheek chews are rich in collagen, which helps support your dog’s joint health.

Redbarn Pet Products has dozens of dog treats and chews that make great gifts!

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  • Lauryn R

    These sound like amazing dog treats and bones! We just got a puppy last month and she definitely loves to chew everything and anything! I am always looking for better bones that not only won’t hurt her but are better and easier to digest for her as well. I am going to go check them out right now, thank you so much for your review!

  • Mia E.

    I like the natural ways like using the chews to support our dogs’ teeth and dental health. It looks like they have such a variety of flavors that even my picky pup would find something she loves.

  • Anita C

    I think the cheek rolls will be perfect for my Rottweiler. He’s a chewer. Hopefully these last more than a few minutes for him haha

  • Betty Curran

    When I went to the Redbarn website I also found treats for my cat. I think she will love the salmon flavor.

  • Donna

    These treats would be great to add to my dogs’ Christmas stockings. They would love the cuts and choppers.

  • kim zoby

    I like the fact that Redbarn has size and flavor choices in their products.

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