holiday gift ideas for cats and dogs - pets gift guide 2023

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Temptations creamy puree

Temptations Treats

Temptations makes a variety of cat treats that would make awesome gifts for your kitties this year! I’d personally suggest their Creamy Puree clickable cat treats. These come in long tubes that you squeeze from the bottom as your cat licks it out of the top. Or, you could squeeze it into their bowl or a plate. They come in a variety of flavors including salmon, chicken, tuna, beef liver, and cheese. My cat loves all varieties of these that we have tried. 

PetSafe Gifts For Your Dog! (1)


I am loving this easy to use healthy pet water station.  It’s actually available in three different sizes so it’s a great option for dogs or cats!  This water station is the first gravity water system featuring a removable stainless steel bowl which is the #1 material veterinarians recommend for health and cleanliness.  This makes it easier to use and clean.  While optional, we are also choosing to use the Healthy Pet Water Filter.  This filter removes sediments and odor and delivers cleaner, great-tasting water. Fresh water encourages pets to drink even more. And we all know a better hydrated pet is a healthier pet.

feandrea clickat oasis

Feandrea Clickat

Inspired by modern furniture, incorporating cubic and rounded design elements, the Feandrea Clickat Oasis furniture set is simple yet elegant and easily blends with your home decor. With their unique Clickat structure, assembling or disassembling this set of cat wall furniture is a breeze, saving 50% of your time. Just slide and push the parts together with a “Click” and it’s good to go! Combine the modules according to your cat’s preferences or space, connect them your way for endless fun, or expand the playground as your cats’ needs grow—create a one-of-a-kind oasis for your cats. The felt pads, soft fabric, cushion, and scratching post segments can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement. This makes it a breeze to keep the cat climbing wall clean while ensuring long-lasting enjoyment for your cats.


Looking for safe and healthy treats for your four-legged family members? Check out Pawstruck! Pawstruck’s dog treats are always made with high-quality ingredients and designed to be safe for Fido. Their Beef Jerky Joint Health Treats are made with beef esophagus, that’s it! They’re a natural source of chondroitin, which helps support Fido’s joint health. Beef Jerky Joint Health Treats are made in medium and large sizes. They are sold in bags of 15 strips, 25 strips, or 100 strips. Pawstruck has everything that is on Fido’s wishlist! Read Laurie’s full review on the blog for more details.

Pet Honesty hairball support

Pet Honesty

While cat owners hate dealing with hairballs, it’s likely worse for the cat! Gift your cat some relief from hairballs with Pet Honesty’s hairball support treats. I love how cats will feel like they’re getting spoiled while they’re actually getting something to help their digestive system. These make a nice gift for any cat who struggles with hairballs, or cats with longer hair as they tend to be more prone to hairballs than shorter haired cats. 

Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick


We got a new puppy earlier this spring and because he’s full on ‘puppy stage’, he is chewing on EVERYTHING!  In an effort to save our outdoor furniture and toys, we got him some fun new chew toys including the Ruffwear Gnawt-a-Stick.  This toy is inspired by Oregon coastal driftwood, a favorite find for beach-combing dogs in the Pacific Northwest. It’s made from natural latex rubber so it’s durable and chew-resistant. Plus, dogs love how it bounces erratically for an engaging game of fetch.

greenbene water fountain


This Greenbene Cat Water Fountain makes the perfect gift for any feline-lover! Equipped with a 6-layer filtration system, the cat water fountain is perfectly suited to meet your water purification needs and provides your cats with high-quality water for up to three days without needing a refill. This is great for pet owners who may be away for a day or two! At less than 20dB, it runs very quietly and even offers a smart indicator light to tell you when it’s getting low. Simple to disassemble for cleaning, this fountain ensures that your furry family members will drink enough water throughout the day! 


Pawstruck has an assortment of products that help make your dog healthy and happy. One of those products is the Daily Dental Chew Brush. Daily Dental Chew Brush treats are an easy way to help keep Fido’s teeth and gums healthy. The treats are made with simple ingredients that are easy to digest and aid in improving bad breath. Daily Dental Chew Brush treats have ridges and nodules on them. The ridges and nodules help break down plaque and tartar that could lead to dental issues. Daily Dental Chew Brush treats come in two sizes- Small Dogs and Large Dogs. They are sold in bags of 15, 30, or 120. Read Laurie’s full review on the blog for more details.

iprimo cat litter trapper mat


This cat litter trapping mat will be a gift for you and your cat at the same time! This mat is really large so when your cat steps out of the litter box, their paws will be on this mat. Any loose litter that has collected in their paws should fall on the mat. It has two layers, and is designed so that the litter will fall through the gaps and be trapped inside of the mat to keep it off your carpet or other flooring. Or, if you have a cat who urinates just outside of the litter box, you can use a puppy pad between the layers of the mat so that it can collect urine. Less mess and easier clean-up will be a gift for you and your kitty!

Playology Pets

Playology Pets

Another favorite of Smokey’s are balls.  Thanks to Playology Pets, it’s east to upgrade an old classic with a fun squeak, enticing scent, and extra durability.  The ball is even built to float, so it’s great for the backyard or park and also for water play.  Because dogs experience the world through scent, Playology Pets’ toys are embedded with all-natural scent at the microscopic level. That means dogs will receive fresh bursts of scent released with each chew so this ball will keep your pup engaged 7x longer than unscented toys.  Grab it in your pup’s favorite scent: beef, chicken, or peanut butter.

NO Spill Water Bowl for Dogs


This No-Spill Water Bowl from Greenbene is great for travel! The fixed frame allows you not to worry about your dog taking the floating bowl out. The non-slip scrub pads on the bottom of the no-mess dog water bowl can protect the floor and enhance stability. The unique border design ensures your pets can drink in the car without getting wet and dirty. This splash-proof dog water bowl is an excellent choice for home and travel use. 


Bully Sticks are Redbarn’s most popular product. Bully Sticks are made with a single ingredient of beef pizzle. They are easy to digest, support muscle development, and improve dental health by massaging their gums and scraping away plaque and tartar while they chew. To make bully sticks last longer, Redbarn twisted three of them together to create a Braided Bully Stick. Braided Bully Sticks are 5″ to 12″ in size. They are perfect for light-to-power chewers. Read Laurie’s full review on the blog for more details.

Temptations kitten treats

Temptation Treats

Cats aren’t fully grown until 12 to 18 months depending on the breed of cat. Until they are fully grown, kittens have different dietary needs than grown cats. While the most important form of nutrition is of course, their regular food, treats matter, too. It’s a little tricky to find cat treats that are designed for kittens, and cat treats that aren’t designed for kittens can be really tough for kittens with baby teeth to chew. My kitten loves these Temptations Kitten treats. They’re soft enough for her to easily chew, and are under 2 calories each so I can use them for training without worrying about overloading her with calories. 

  • Buy it: These are available in many local grocery stores, pet stores or other stores which carry pet products. Or you can buy on Amazon

Playology Pets Squeaky Chew Stick Dog

Playology Pets

Another fun option from Playology is this unique squeaky chew stick.  Our dog goes crazy over anything that squeaks so this toy also became a fast favorite.  Of course, the built in scent definitely seems to help too.  I love how the scents they use are all-natural.  The Playology team takes derivatives of the actual food and encapsulates them throughout the entire toy.  So that means, your pup will receive all the joy of the scent, with no chemicals or unwanted calories.

bonne et filou


Inspired by the lavish lifestyles of French King Louis XIV’s dogs, Bonne and Filou (who lived in the Palace of Versailles with their own dog chef), we bring you the Bonne et Filou Christmas Box. This exquisite box is a must-have both under your tree and as the gift your fellow pet lovers will covet (if they aren’t lucky enough to get one)! The box includes 18 themed treats including dog bones, macarons, snowflakes, truffles, print tree, etc. Handmade and hand-designed in North America with locally sourced, human-grade ingredients, then baked to perfection in small batches. Individually wrapped to preserve freshness, with a long shelf life and no refrigeration needed. Packed with care in a luxurious gift box, to ensure treats arrive in perfect condition.


Is Fido in need of entertainment? Check out the Boredom Buster Chew Value Pack from Redbarn! The Boredom Buster Chew Value Pack is perfect for dogs who love to chew. The pack includes Collagen Stick 3pk (Large), Collagen Braid 2pk (Large), Bully Rings 3pk, and Bully Stick 12″ 2pk. Redbarn’s chews are made with single high-quality ingredients. They are naturally high in protein. The variety of the Bordeom Buster Chews will not only help keep Fido entertained but also help improve dental health. The textures and shapes of the chews will gently scrape away at tartar and plaque buildup. Read Laurie’s full review on the blog for more details.

DeluPet Training Collar


The DeluPet Dog Training Collar is not just a collar, but also a harmonious bond between dog owners and their dogs, shaping a positive future through communication, collaboration, and care.  The best part, it’s affordable too!  This training collar offers an efficient solution to address common behavioral problems in dogs.  Furthermore, this Training Collar helps enhance the safety of dogs during walks, reducing conflicts with other dogs.  

NanoBark Collar


We have a small dog and I’m here to tell you that those little ones sure do pack a punch in the personality department!  A good solution just might be the NanoBark Collar.  It’s the world’s smallest, low-profile, lightweight bark collar. With the size and weight of your favorite smartwatch, NanoBark reminds your dog that he doesn’t need to bark at the mail carrier while you’re at work. Built to withstand a splash or a rugged road trip, this innovative dog bark collar is perfect for life at home and on the go.  The NanoBark is the perfect fit for toy and small to medium-sized dogs. The low-profile fit makes it a must-have no-bark collar, ensuring quiet walks even in busy neighborhoods. 

Ruffwear Basecamp™ Dog Bed


Giving our new pup a sweet spot to rest was also important to us, especially when we have to kennel him.  So the Basecamp Dog Bed from Ruffwear is a great option as it can fit in a kennel but can also be used on the go.  It’s easy to pack, easy to clean, and comfortable too.  It gets its ‘cush’ feeling from recycled polyester on the inside, and it delivers on cozy with a soft microsuede on the outside. Low-profile corner bolsters and dog crate-friendly dimensions mean your dog has a versatile and minimal landing spot for settling down and squeezing in a snooze before, after, or en route to their next adventure. 

White Duck Outdoors Dog Bed

White Duck Outdoors

Another great dog bed option is from White Duck Outdoors.  This bed is comfortable, rugged, reliable, and machine-washable – making it perfect for indoor and outdoor use.  It comes in two sizes: large (36″ x 27″ x 4″) or extra large (40″ x 28″ x 4″) as well as two color options: tan or brown.  The rugged canvas style cover helps it stand up to daily use by even the most energetic of dogs.  Overall, it’s an excellent bed option.



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    I like the Feandrea Clickat Oasis for cats. It is nice and big.

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    I need to get my cat some of the wall furniture from Feandrea Clickat. She is 11 and lives with a chihuahua. She goes up as high as possible and would love this.

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    Great gift ideas. I really like the healthy pet water station and the Basecamp Dog Bed.

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    From a previous review, I’m already considering a piece from the Feandrea Clickat collection to gift my sister and brother-in-law, but thanks to this gift guide, but I’m also in the market for a new bed for our own dog. The Basecamp Dog Bed from Ruffwear is the style I’ve had in mind, so I’ll check that out, but I’ll also go take a look at the offerings at White Duck Outdoors. Thanks, as always!

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    I am really liking the Feandrea Clickat. I like that you can change it around and it’s simple to put together. My kitty cat would love this

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