Hammacher car lover's engine repair toy - perfect gift idea for little car lovers
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*Hammacher Schlemmer provided a product sample in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

There are two main reasons why I struggle to shop for a few people in my family. One reason is they have a lot of items and I worry that if I buy them a gift, they’ll already have it or something extremely similar. The other main reason is they like unique items so I have a hard time coming up with creative gifts that they’ll enjoy. Hammacher Schlemmer is a company that accepts orders online or via catalog and has been in business for 166 years. They offer a collection of unique, unexpected and awesome items – many that you won’t find at stores in your area.

Whenever I find myself struggling to come up with a gift idea for someone, I browse around the Hammacher Schlemmer website and almost always find something completely new and different that catches my eye.

My nephew Drew is 4 and has been really interested in toy cars for as long as I can remember. He owns so many variations of car toys that whenever I walk into the toy section of a department store or even a full toy store I’m afraid to buy him any because I don’t know if he already owns it. So, I was thrilled to find a really unique car toy at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Hammacher car lover's engine repair toy

It’s called The Car Lover’s Engine Repair Set. I had never seen a toy anything like this. It’s multiple toys in one. It’s basically the front portion of a car and it can be taken apart into several pieces making it ideal for pretending to be a mechanic. It’s also the ideal size so that children can sit on the floor behind it and pretend to drive it with the steering wheel.

Hammacher car lover's engine repair toyHammacher car lover's engine repair toy

Under the steering wheel is a “down ramp” track for matchbox or hot wheel type cars to drive down. There is also a storage compartment for matchbox size cars. So it’s truly several types of toys in one and I know it will be the perfect gift for Drew this Christmas.

Do you have any hard to shop for people on your list? What advice do you have for finding the ideal gift?



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