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DIY Relaxing Me Time Women's Gift Basket For | Emily Reviews
Relaxing me time gift basket DIY for $20

*I was provided with Caress body wash & a gift card in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are my own.

I try to always keep my ears open for my friends or family members to say things like “Ohh I love this.” when we’re shopping or browsing products online, so I can later use them as gifts. This rarely happens, though and then coming up with a good gift idea falls onto me. With a few people in my life such as my mom and mother in law, I feel like I go back to similar gifts for every gift giving occasion, which makes me wonder if they get bored of the types of things I get them. I had a realization this past Christmas that when I am out of ideas, I should think about the new products that I have bought or been given and love. If I really like a product, my female friends or family members are likely to as well. I tested it out with my mom at Christmas (I got her a sheet set that I had myself and loved the feeling of) and she loved the gift.

Now that mother’s day is around the corner, I decided to try out the “give them something I love” idea. I’ve been brand loyal to Caress body wash for quite a while because I love the scents they offer and the texture is great too. Their body washes leave my skin feel soft and moisturized without feeling like residue is left on my skin. Caress recently released two new body washes in their Caress Forever Body wash collection which are designed to release fragrance for up to 12 hours and they both smell AMAZING. I decided to build a mother’s day gift basket based on the bottles of body wash, and I was able to do so for $20!

DIY $20 homemade relaxing me time themed gift basket - perfect gift basket for mothers day, an anniversary gift because most moms just really want alone time to relax!

The Caress Forever bottles have a suggested retail value of $3.99 each. I couldn’t decide which variety to include in the basket so I decided to just include both. I knew that the one thing most moms in my life REALLY want for mothers day is some me time and some time to just relax. I thought that going with a relaxing spa & me time theme in red would be perfect. I went to my local $1 store to pick up the remaining accessories for my gift basket.

At my local dollar store I picked up a red basket to put everything in, and some tissue paper to help stuff the basket.

I picked up the following items as “pamper yourself” items:

  • A nail file set
  • Two nail polish bottles
  • Lotion
  • A brush
  • A set of combs

Then I also picked up a few “kick back and relax” items including:

  • Two puzzle books
  • A cooling mask

Relaxing gift basket stuffers

Alternative gift basket stuffers:

  • A book or magazine
  • Bath bomb
  • Facial or foot scrub
  • Bubble bath
  • Bath salts
  • Body spray
  • Nail brush
  • Body butter
  • Nail polish remover
  • A rice-filled heating pad
  • Loofah
  • Lip balm

My total dollar store purchase came to $12.66. The body wash bottles have a suggested retail price of $3.99, so the whole basket was roughly $20.66, which fits perfectly into my budget and I love how I can customize the items included to the recipient.

Do you like to make homemade gift baskets? What would you add to this one to specialize it for a woman in your life?




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  • Rebecca Orr

    What a great idea! This would be great for my mom, sister, aunt, or cousin. Heck, even my grandma would enjoy this!

  • Sue Hull

    This would be great for my sister. She needs some me time. I could take my nieces and give her one night for her. Thank you for the great idea 🙂

  • Andrei Flores

    You should add some scented candles!

  • Melissa S

    I love making up baskets for gifts. You can really get a lot of great pampering item for under $20.

  • sandy Cain

    What a great idea! I need something JUST FOR ME. I never have any alone, pampering time these days. Throw in a little Nag Champa incense with a holder, and it’s perfect!

  • katie

    I love shopping for gifts for others too and I always take note of when someone mentions they need something and I save it for birthday or Christmas ideas. This would be a great gift for when I’m out of ideas since I’m not too big on gift cards, no excitement there. If I got this for someone in my family I would probably add a set of jamberry nails too, they all seem to love them.

  • abby pafford

    This is a great idea!! quick and easy and affordable! Would make a great gift for the mom who hosts the play date/ pool day!!

  • Debbie Welchert

    I was looking for ideas to make for Christmas presents and this one is just perfect and inexpensive. This is going to make great gifts for my daughter and granddaughter.

  • Jen H

    this is such a sweet idea! i just did something similar with a coloring book for adults, colored pencils, a candle and some salted caramels for a friend!

  • Renee Smith

    With 2 sisters and 5 sisters in law, this is a wonderful gift idea. I am always stumped at what to get them and looking for affordable ideas.

  • Juliana

    That is such a great idea. I love to relax and pamper myself while i watch netflix

  • Anne Taylor

    This would be a great gift for a friend who is down or just needs a pick up! Thanks

  • Rosie

    what a nice idea, I love making gift baskets and this is terrific I can think of so many occasions it would be perfect!

  • Deb E

    I did this one Christmas and everyone loved their baskets. If you do several and shop on sale, it really helps. I know I’d love something like this and I add little stationery items and stickers for extra cuteness!

  • Michelle S

    I donate a “basket” for our ladies’ group fundraiser at church. I think a basket like this would be great for a silent auction item. Thanks for the idea!

  • Jeanine

    This would be a great idea to do for a needy mom’s Christmas gift!

  • Jennifer Boehme

    Caress is on sale at the store, and I love the smell. It does linger. And this is a good gift basket to give someone. I like how you put it together.

  • Debbie Welchert

    What an inexpensive way to make a great gift basket. I would love to make one for my daughter with a lot of similar items in for a Christmas gift.

  • This basket looks awesome and makes me feel all relaxed just looking at it! This would make a great present to any woman that needs a little relaxation or me time!

  • Birdiebee

    What a great idea for a women’s basket. I am going to have to make one of these for my BFF for her upcoming birthday.

  • The gift basket is very nice. Would also be great for someone in the hospital or someone staying with someone in the hospital or simply in your guest room so guest could enjoy!

  • Lisa W

    What a great idea. Ill definitely use this.for gifts!

  • kathy downey

    Wow,i love all the item in this basket and this would make an awesome gift for my mom on Valentines

  • Laurie P

    Love this DIY! I could do this for a couple of birthdays coming up!

  • gloria patterson

    Great ideal I will steal it for a friend of mine

    I love to buy products that I find on sale/discount table and put them away for holidays.

  • Dotty J Boucher

    I love this idea and usually during the holiday season I often make a few baskets like this and give them out to strangers, I just find them so nice , useful and relaxing,

  • Deb E

    I love the scent of Caress soap and also like the addition of the rice-filled heating pad. I’d add hair ties or barrettes, based on what my girlfriends like. I love those hair ties with gems too.

  • Desiree Glaze

    This is a great gift idea for friends! Thanks for putting this together.

  • Barrie

    I love your basket idea! I’d add a book in there maybe instead of a puzzle book. Great idea for my stepsister!

  • Lynne B

    I love putting together gift baskets. A pampering gift basket is something I’d LOVE to receive!

  • This is such a cute idea for a gift!! Anyone would love it, I would. I think the only thing I would add is a small box of chocolates. 🙂

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