ZipIt provided me with a ZipIt bedding set. All opinions are my own.

My sister is now 12 and I’ve found that it’s a bit harder now to find gifts that she enjoys compared to a few years ago. She’s in middle school so her friends are very important to her and finding her own personality and individuality are also key right now. When it comes to finding gifts for her, I pay close attention to what she says she likes or thinks is cool because that helps me a ton when finding gifts for her. Two of the things that I’ve directly heard her say she thinks are cool are peace signs and zigzag or “chevron” prints. I also know that she enjoys pink and bright teals so when I saw the ZipIt Rock Princess bedding set I knew it would appeal to her for several reasons.

zip it rock princess bedding set

I remember being around her age and visiting my friends and checking out how they were decorating their rooms. I’d get inspired by their ideas and then go home and try to make my room look cool as well. My sisters bedding set that she’s been using for a few years is pretty generic so I thought having this set that really shows off her personal interests and personality would be a fun way to make her room suit her better.

In addition to having really modern print, the bedding set is cool because it makes it super easy for kids to make their bed. The bed covers zip into the edges to keep you snug and warm at night but also making bed-making a snap (or a zip?). The covers are reversible so if your child can flip back and forth between showing off the side with guitars and peace sides to showing off the chevron side that features bright pink, purple, black and teal chevron stripes.

zip it boy bedding set

ZipIt has a whole line of different designs including designs that are made to appeal to both genders and some designs that will appeal to older teens or college students as well. ZipIt bedding sets are available in twin or full/queen sizes and can be ordered online at ZipIt Bedding. You may want to turn your speakers down before visiting the site as there is an auto-play video that is pretty loud. I’ve jumped a few times when visiting the site.



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  • Sue Hull

    I love this concept. I wish my daughter had this when she was younger. I got so tired of yelling at her to make her bed. Lol! This would be a perfect Christmas gift for my niece.

  • DJ

    These sets are so cute! My kids would love these!

  • Natalie Brown

    I think this is the coolest idea!! It would be perfect for my grandson who is just old enough to start making his bed. Thank-you for the fun information. 🙂

  • Deb E

    I’ve seen kid’s characters and animal fabrics but didn’t know they also made these stylish patterns. Even I would like this bedding since I’m not the greatest bed maker! We had to make perfect beds in a nursing class, with mitered corners, lol. My fave here is the green and blue stripe pattern.

  • Dagmar M

    These sets are so cute!! It would make my daughters room look more clean lol

  • kathy downey

    I got one for my granddaughters Birthday April past and she loves it!

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