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DIY gift basket idea for dogs for christmas. Or for use at a raffle or to donate to a shelter or humane society.

I used to drive about half an hour to the nearest pet store regularly for my dogs. My local groceries have a small selection of dog food that all gets pretty low ratings on places like the Dog Food Advisor website. I thought I had to compromise my quality standards for dog food or drive the distance. Thankfully, I ran into Tractor Supply co.® with my dad one day and found out that they have a large selection of products for dogs, including high quality dog foods.  The Tractor Supply dog food, called 4Health® gets 4 stars on Dog Food Advisor. I’ve read about a lot of dog food brands using Dog Food Advisors quality ratings as a guide, and 4Health is the most affordable 4-star dog food that I have come across. TSC has been my go-to store for my dogs since I learned about 4health dog food about 2 years ago.

4Health dog food premium affordable dog food

When I go to Tractor Supply for my dogs I always catch other products that catch my eye. They have a nice selection of tools, cat products, clothing, camping gear, yard/garden supplies and more. Tractor Supply isn’t just for farmers!

Tractor supply company

Tractor Supply is a business that I feel great shopping through. TSC hosts social media contests every year that award a total of $25,000 in grants to 10 deserving organizations. They recently partnered with the brand DogForDog® to sell their DogsButter and treats in TSC stores – for every DogForDog purchase, Dog For Dog donates to a shelter. Tractor Supply stores make their stores available for adoption events for local shelters. TSC also hosts low-cost walk-in clinics through PetVet Clinics. Visit the PetVet website to find an upcoming vet clinic at your local TSC.

TSC dog treats aisle

I decided to put together a dog gift basket that included 4health dog food and other essentials. Making a gift basket for a dog is fun whether it’s for your dog own Christmas gift, to give to dog in your extended family, as a gift for someone who got a new dog or puppy, or to donate to a shelter or humane society. I know my local humane society is always eager to get donations for pet gear so I decided to make up the basket for a dog currently in my local shelter named Bella.

Tractor supply dog treats and toys

My local Tracor Supply has five aisles dedicated just to dogs. There are two dog food aisles, a dog treat aisle, an aisle for dog chews/bones and toys, and a health care aisle for dogs. I picked up a couple items from each aisle for my dog gift basket.

dog gift basket stuffers

I picked up a toy and a bag of chews that my dogs have had before and loved, . I also added a leash, some flea medication, some waste bags, a bully stick, some 4Health hip/joint health treats and some 4Health senior dog food.

DIY gift basket for your dog

I thought a bucket might come in handy for the humane society so I used that instead of a basket or box. I saved a clip-art bone to my computer, added the dogs name (Bella) onto the bone with a photo editing program, printed it and cut out to put on the front. I also made a little bow out of ribbon to attach to the top of the bucket. Both are just attached with tape so they can be removed if they decide to give the basket to another pet in their care.

Dog gift basket

I thought it turned out cute while also being a nice practical gift for the humane society to use or to give to the family who adopts Bella.

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Do you give gifts to your dogs or donate to dogs in need during the holidays? Share in the comments what you’re getting the dogs in your life this Christmas! 




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  • Kaye Newman

    I love the gift basket especially the 4Health products. I am going to get my doggie this for Christmas.

  • Teresa Bean

    I love the idea of giving the basket to a local shelter. All our pets are ‘adopted’ from the local shelter. But we are maxed out of furry friends. What a fun way to help even though our home is full.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    What a great idea! I have neighbors who are an elderly couple with a little dog that they love and baby—not much money. This would be a perfect gift. Thanks for the idea.

  • Laurie P

    Fantastic gift idea 🙂

  • Joanne Gregory

    I love to shop at Tractor Supply! They have great supplies for pets and lots of other good stuff!

  • Amber Ludwig

    This is so super cute!! I love that you added donation to the title as well!! What a great gift this would make to a local no kill shelter!!

  • Gina Ferrell

    This is such a cute idea! I would love to give this as a gift to my friend who is a dog lover and works at a shelter. Thanks for sharing!

  • Deb E

    Tractor Supply must not be in my area since I’ve never heard of it. Wow, lucky dog to get all those treats! I usually wrap one or two but that bucket should really last them. It’s easy to spoil our dogs, right?!

  • ellen beck

    I like TSC they actually have great deals on pet food and have a good selection.
    I do rescue… TNR for cats and manage a colony. I do have a dog though, and love dogs too.
    I try and do things though the year.

  • Melissa S

    What a great idea. I get a lot of my pet supplies from tractor supply. I am so happy we have one nearby.

  • Karen Propes

    I love this idea, this would be great Christmas gift for my Granddog. I usually just wrap up gifts, but getting something and putting everything in it is great.

  • We had no idea until recently that Tractor Supply sold pet products let alone had such a large selection. What a great basket you put together for Bella! Our crew LOVES Jones Natural Chews!

  • kathy downey

    I love that idea,i always donate to animal rescue groups

  • Tara L

    This is such a great idea. I would have loved to do this to help other doggy familes or give to a shelter for cats & dogs. So thooughtful. I love to help animals as well and I think this is a great idead very nice.

  • LOVE your blog, I want those gift basket lol! I love the gift from Tractor Supply.

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