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I was sent a Brentwood Runyon Deluxe pet bed. All opinions are my own.

About three years ago I adopted a pair of bonded pugs. They were 8 and 9 then, so they were already considered seniors. Now they are 11 and 12 and I’m thankful that they are both still in pretty good health. They both seem to struggle with occasional aches and pains. My female pug, Beans can’t jump up into the car, or onto the couch like she used to so we pick her up. My male pug, Frank has days where he limps a little after waking up for the day, or after standing up after laying for long periods. While aging is just a fact of life for all of us, it’s important to me that I make it as comfortable and pain-free as I can.

Brentwood home runyon dog bed

We were recently sent the Brentwood Home Runyon deluxe pet bed. The Runyon dog bed offers orthopedic support which is designed to help cushion and protect your pets joints. It offers back and side support that provides additional cushioning. My dogs like beds with sides because they rest their chins on the ledge. The cover is removable and machine washable which makes it much easier to clean. I wish all dog beds came with a washable cover! It even features a nontoxic waterproof liner to help protect it against stains and odors.

brentwood yunyon dog bed medium

We were sent the medium bed which measures 34 by 24 inches. This is really quite large and my two chubby pugs share this bed with room to spare. The cover is soft but sturdy feeling.

brentwood home runyon

Both of my dogs were drawn to this bed from the day it arrived. They lay and sit in it separately and together throughout the day. They have spent time up against the sides and the back of the bed and it hasn’t flattened under their weight. I like how the color of the cover blends naturally with my home. It doesn’t seem as out-of-place as many dog beds do. With the front of the bed being open (not having a side) this would work great as a dog bed to place on top of a couch, or at the end of your (human) bed to give your dog a place to rest that doesn’t block their entry when jumping from the floor, but still protects your furniture from their paws, loose fur, etc. My dogs both like this bed and it’s exceeded my expectations so far. I would definitely recommend this bed to pet owners.

Brentwood home dog bed

Photo courtesy of Brentwood Home.

Win it: Brentwood home has offered a medium (36×24) Runyon deluxe dog bed as a giveaway. This is the same size that I reviewed. This bed has a retail value of $200. Giveaway is open to the US and will end 11/6/2016.

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  • Margaret S Porter

    My big girl tore up her bed one day when she was over anxious. I would love to win one for her. She loves to be comfy.

  • Jayedee Dewitt

    I truly have a heart for seniors and pull as many from our local kill shelter as i can. My two personal seniors would love this bed…the orthopedic qualities would definitely be a boon to older bones!

  • Angela

    I need this bed for my little Simon! He would love it! Thanks for this amazing post. I’m in love with Brentwood’s products.

  • Susan Hartman

    My dog Rocky normally sleeps with us but he is having trouble getting up & down off our bed. This may be a good option for him. Unfortunately he is not getting any younger.

  • Jenny Scheldberg

    The Gel Wedge Pillow looks interesting.

  • Jeanine Carlson

    Wow, that’s an awesome bed! What are bonded pugs?

    • Often when people are trying to re-home a set of dogs that has been raised together and that like each other they are referred to as a bonded pair or bonded set. Just meaning they would be sad or depressed if separated, so they want to find a single home to take both instead of having them adopted two two different places. My two were a bonded pair and they are both pugs so I referred to them as bonded pugs.

  • This is so nice. I need to get this for my sister’s dog. He needs one like this. Thank you for the review.

  • gloria patterson

    I no longer have a dog but if i did this would be the bed for him. My grandmother always had pugs, they always make me smile.

  • Cheryl Chervitz

    My two Boston boys, Junebug and Cain, would love this bed. Junebug is getting older and needs a good bed.

  • Deb E

    This is a super nice dog bed similar to the one I have but mine is more portable (folds up and has a carry bag). I also got mine for two small dogs. They are expensive but worth it for our babies, right?

  • elizabeth

    I’ve always feared buying a bed for my dog, because he may not use it. He’s been so expensive already. In truth, if I had to spend twice as much on caring for him, as I already have, I would gladly do so. Still, I am not sure how he’d take to a bed, other than mine. It sure would be nice not to sleep on the floor.

  • karen nadeau

    I love the mattress.

  • shannon fowler

    Ie seen their beds advertised. I really think we need to get one for one of our dogs. She is a little bigger than our pomchi and doesn’t seem to like the round beds.

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