By Emily Benzing

November 14th, 2016

Thank you to Gold Toe for providing me with these products in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own.

Socks are something my boyfriend, Kyle, and I always seem to have a problem with. He wears his out very fast and almost all of them have holes. My socks get sweaty and stretched out. For both of us, it’s a struggle to find a brand that produces quality socks that last a long time. I was very excited when Gold Toe reached out and wanted to partner up for the Holiday Gift Guide because this was my chance to try them out and see if these would work for us.

I know for adults, buying socks can be a chore. There are so many different types and you never know which ones to get. Gold Toe sent me socks for both men and women so that you can check out the different collections and see if they would be a great fit for your family. There are socks made for moisture management, fashion, and comfort.

Men’s Socks


PowerSox Power-Lites No Show Altius by Gold Toe

These PowerSox Power-Lites are no-show socks that you can wear with athletic shoes. They feature a lightweight design that combines selective cushioning, ventilation, and Aqua FX. Aqua FX is moisture management so that your feet stay dry while wearing. They are made out of 71% Nylon, 26% Polyester, and 3% Spandex. Kyle loves these socks. He wears these to lounge around in, as well as with his tennis shoes. He loves how comfortable they are and how they don’t slide off of his feet.



Harrington Cotton Crew Casual Sock

The Harrington Cotton Crew combines style, comfort, and durability. These are excellent socks for any occasion. They include a cushioned foot, smooth comfort toe seams, reinforced toe, and Aqua FX to keep your feet dry. They are made from 78% Cotton, 19% Polyester, 2% Spandex, and 1% Nylon. Kyle wears these to work and always says how comfy and warm his feet are. These are great for the winter!


Gold Toe Extended Fashion 

Gold toe Features extended socks for longer feet. These socks are a bit longer and larger than their normal socks. They feature comfortable combed cotton, Freshcare moisture control, and reinforced toe. They are made out of 68% Cotton, 29% Nylon, and 3% Spandex. Some of the styles even feature a grey strip on the toe just so you know it’s navy, not black since the two can easily get mixed up. While these are a tad big, Kyle definitely loves how long and thick they are.

Women’s Socks



PowerSox P.S Women’s No Show by Gold Toe

These are the women’s version of PowerSox No Show. What’s different is that these come with a little message on the inside of the sock that remind you of the woman you are and what you can accomplish. I think these are absolutely amazing and a great idea! They feature messages like “P.S you are amazing”, “This is your day”, and “P.S you are strong”. They have a narrower toe box designed for a women’s foot, Aqua FX, and extended arch support for a snug fit. They are made out of 66% Polyester, 30% Cotton, 3% Spandex, and 1% Nylon.

The Aqua FX feature is definitely present with these. I find myself not sweating as much as I used to. I love wearing these with my tennis shoes for when I know I’ll be walking around a lot.


Gold Toe Ultra Soft Crew

The Ultra Soft Crew Socks are by far the softest socks I have EVER felt. They are made from microfiber polyester which makes them incredibly soft and spandex for the perfect fit. They also include reinforced toe for long lasting durability. The contents are 94% Polyester, 4% Nylon, and 2% Spandex.

I love lounging around in these socks! These make the perfect fall/winter socks that can keep you warm throughout both seasons. I know my feet are always cold in these months, so Gold Toe’s Ultra Soft Crew are the perfect socks for me.


Gold Toe Over the Knee Boot Sock

The newest member of the Gold Toe family is the Over the Knee Boot Sock. They aren’t released yet, but I’m sure they will be here just in time for fall and boots weather. These socks are great for when you want to wear tall boots. They have a silver, sparkly fabric at the top that you can fold over for a stylish look.

I wear a few over the knee boots, so these socks come in handy for me. They are thick, tight, and very comfortable. Usually I have to wear two pairs of socks for my boots, but these ones fit perfectly and have just the right amount of thickness so I don’t have to double sock!

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Emily B


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  • ellen beck

    One of things in life that I enjoy and thats new socks and good socks! I like that these are so varied. They also have a great selection and have such a great reputation. I like all of the socks you received, they look great and look like they are so very well made.

  • Deb E

    These are great colors and I always get reinforced heels and toes since I’m hard on socks when running. They have some nice women’s socks I haven’t seen in stores.

  • Jeanine Carlson

    I love Gold Toe socks. They seem to outlast all of the other brands I’ve tried.

  • I really like the cute ones that say P.S. You are amazing. These look comfy for running which I love to do!!!

  • Amber Ludwig

    Love Goldtoe socks!! They are like the rolls royce of socks lol!! Seriously the best and they last forever!! worth every penny!

  • Sarah L

    I have some gold toe socks and they are great. I want to try the Gold Toe Ultra Soft Crew.

  • Deborah Hammonds

    Used to love Gold Toes but have found on all pairs of women’s Ultra Soft Crews many “weak spots” that sprouted holes on about the 5th wearing. After years of buying the product I will have to abandon the brand.

  • Shirley Stewart

    I agree with Deborah. I have bought Gold toe socks for years and have always been pleased until the last pair of Ultra soft crew socks. They shrunk so much I cannot begin to get them on. They are literally 2 inches wide.
    I have spent 35 years in Marketing and these socks at literally the worst that I have seen.

  • Carla Urban

    I bought some of the newer type of Gold Toe socks and I find that I hate them. They are ill fitting, pill and are not comfortable to ware. What would I expect they were made in China after all. I have worn the original Gold Toes for years and years. Will be looking for another brand next time.

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