Thank you to San Francisco Salt Company for providing me with product, free of charge, in exchange for this honest blog review. All opinions are 100% my own.

Did you know that San Francisco Salt Company is one of the largest specialty salt suppliers in the country? How did they get to the top?  They have become one of the largest specialty salt supplies by gaining the trust of their customers. They take great pride in offering customers high-quality goods. San Francisco Salt Co. stands behind their products. They want you to be happy with your purchases.

For my review, I received a collect on bath salts and gourmet cooking salts.


San Francisco Salt Company offers a luxurious line of bath salts. Bath Salts are perfect for overworked muscles. Soaking in a warm/hot bath with bath salts is both rejuvenating and therapeutic.  Lay back and let the lavender aroma soothe your mind. The warm/hot water and salts with relax your muscles. Soaking in salts also helps to remove toxins from your skin.

After you have had your relaxing soak, get up and make a healthy meal. The San Francisco Salt Company line of gourmet cooking salts is amazing. It is obvious they have spent a lot of time making sure their products taste right, look right and smell right. The San Francisco Salt Company offers pure salts as well as delicious blends. Top your favorite sauteed veggies with the Ultimate Blend, add Chili Lime to your baked chicken or Cherry Smoke to a grilled steak. This will be the best meal you have had in a long time!

The San Francisco Salt Company is my favorite specialty salt supplier!

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