Nutrisystem ~ How To Increase Your Weight Loss Willpower

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When people learn that I am actively losing weight, one of the first things they say is something to the effect of, “I wish I had that kind of willpower.” After hearing it a dozen or so times, I began thinking about willpower.

I found an article that discusses weight loss willpower on Nutrisystem’s website. The article gives seven suggestions on how to increase your willpower or power through when you feel the cards are stacked against you.

  1. Stock your kitchen with quick and healthy snacks. Cut up fresh veggies and place them in the refrigerator for easy snacking. Pack single serving snack bags with raw almonds or trail mix. Keep healthy options within reach.
  2. Create a vision board. Post images of how you want to look or photos of a goal outfit. Make sure these are realistic images. These images will remind you of why you are working so hard.
  3. Buy a doorway pull-up bar and place it in a high traffic doorway. Every time you walk through, do a couple reps. If you don’t want to buy a bar, place a sticker above your reach and jump for it every time you go through the doorway. Doing this, is a great reminder to keep working towards your goal. It will also show you the progress you are making.
  4. Picture yourself achieving your goal. Nokia found that people check their phones around 150 times per day. On your screen, place an image that inspires or motivates you. Every time you check your phone, you will get that emotional boost.
  5. Pack a bag with your gym clothes. On your way home, go to the gym. Stopping on your way home is so much easier than going home, changing and going back to the gym.
  6. Plan on the unexpected. When you are caught out longer than you expected, make sure you have a healthy meal/snack with you. Keep a couple of shake packets and a blender bottle with you. Usually, it is fairly easy to buy a bottle of water. Just mix a shake on the spot and enjoy.
  7. Steer clear of sweet temptations. If your office has a candy dish or fresh baked goods, stay as far away from them as possible. This will reduce mindless munching.

What keeps you motivated? Who inspires you? What is your “why”?

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