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10 Ways To Reduce Stress & The Risk Of Cold Sores | Emily Reviews
Reduce stress and cold sores

I partnered with Quantum Health on this sponsored post. All opinions are my own.

As a kid and even teenager, I loved heading back to school. I was eager to see my friends again, to get a new backpack and to take part in at least a couple classes like art which I enjoyed. Despite my excitement about going back, most years I would battle nausea the first week or two of school. When I was little I thought I was getting sick, but as I got older I realized it must just be nerves. It was odd though because I primarily felt excited, not nervous! Yet my body was showing this very obvious sign of stress. For kids who actively dislike or worry about going back to school, the transition can be much harder. It’s tough on parents as well!

When your body gets weighed down with stress, it increases your odds of getting a cold sore. Nobody ever looks forward to those. To fight your risk of getting a cold sore, practice these stress-reducing techniques! Plus, they will likely just help you feel better in general.

10 ways to reduce stress

  1. Get enough rest. When switching up routines, it can be hard to get to bed on time but you’ll feel better physically and emotionally if you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep per night. Sleep can also help your immune system be prepared to prevent cold sores from occurring.
  2. Maintain a healthy diet. When busy, it’s easy to grab for unhealthy meals because they are quick. Be creative and you can find quick, convenient meals that are healthy instead. Eating healthy can help prevent cold and fever, can keep your immune system on point which helps guard against cold sores.
  3. Supplement your diet. Having all the nutrition you need in your diet is the best. However, the next best option is to take vitamins or supplements to get your body everything it needs. Take a high quality multivitamin, and supplement with Lysine because it can help prevent cold sores while boosting your immune system.
  4. Exercise regularly. Exercise keeps you stronger and healthier, and it can help reduce stress!
  5. Avoid sun exposure. UV rays from the sun (even in fall or winter!) can cause unwanted breakouts to begin. When you go outside, put on a hat, and use lip balm with good sun protection such as Lip Clear Lysine + Coldstick which has SPF-21. Lysine cold sore products
  6. Ask for help. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, try to ask others to chip in. Could your partner do load of laundry for you? Could one of your kids take out the trash? Make sure you aren’t taking on more than you can handle!
  7. Take time for yourself. So the kids are at school and you have an hour alone. Consider taking a bath or watching an episode of your favorite TV show instead of more work. Sometimes taking time to yourself is the best thing for the whole family in the long run. Look for shorcuts (like making a simple dinner) so save time that you can use for yourself.
  8.  Avoid over scheduling. While school and work can’t be pushed off, could you stay home this weekend instead of going to an event? Even when events sound fun, they can add on more stress than simply staying home. Maybe take a lazy weekend to let everyone recharge!
  9. Avoid screen time before bed. You’ll get a more restful sleep if your mind has had a break from electronics before you drift off.
  10. Spend time in nature. Take a walk, pick some flowers, or just wander to see if you can spot any wildlife or bugs. Reconnecting with nature can be a great way to refresh your mind.

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Do you find yourself feeling more stressed during early fall for the back to school season? I’d love to hear your tips and advice for reducing stress during the transition.

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  • Margot C

    Ha, ha, age helps too. The good news is that after a certain age cold sores just don’t happen. Back in my day you had to hunt down the L-Lysine in the drug store and remember to take it before anything happens that might start one. Now they have these great products.

  • Jeanine

    Hmm, what age is Margot referring to? My poor mom would get cold sores all the way into her 80’s. I think certain people are more apt to get them than others. I never knew that sunshine is to be avoided though. Thanks for the hints!

  • Lauryn R

    This are great tips, thanks for sharing! I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and stress definitely causes me to flare up, so similar to getting sick it definitely helps to relax and eat right.

  • Cynthia R

    The first thing my husband does is take extra vitamins and ask me to find him the lysine. Being sick when life is go go go is the worst.

  • Christina A.

    Really great tips! I get cold sores and they really are the pits! I can relate to #8 so much…I take on so much at times when I really could just be better off taking a break! Thanks for the reminders!

  • Sarah L

    I really like #9 and #10. Get off the screens and get out in nature.

  • Peggy Nunn

    These are great ideas for life in general. I have had cold sores sometimes, I will check out Lip Clear Lysine + Coldstick next time.

  • Michelle S

    I bought some of the Lysine and really like how it helps when I get a cold sore.

  • gloria patterson

    I guess I am one of the lucky people have never had any of these problems. I have friends and people that I have worked with over the years that I feel sorry for. One friend she gets so stressed that she can not even make a simple decision like ordering a meal.

  • Becky Kinard

    #7 & 8 are 2 that are really helpful. Everyone needs some “me” time. I love to stay up after everyone goes to bed and relax and watch what I want on tv. It is my wind down time. I have had a lot of trouble telling people “no” in the past when asked to volunteer for this or that. I realize if I over extend myself not only is it stressful to me but it takes away valuable time I like to spend with my family.

  • hannah

    one of the best destressers I’ve found is being outside. Going for a walk, even around the neighborhood. It’gets you out of the house, off the electronics, and distracts you with looking at everything around you. Plus walking itself is a natural stress reliever

  • Esperanza Gailliard

    Lysine is an excellent choice. The only thing I have ever found to get rid of cold sores fast!

  • gloria patterson

    Lots of good tips to reduce stress. I don’t have this problem but several of my friends do, so going to forward this to them

  • Dorothy Boucher

    I love what you wrote, I think its so important to take time for yourself, be out in nature its to me one of the best ways to reduce stress.

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