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This post has been sponsored by Pfizer Consumer Healthcare. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Cold and flu season is here. I always see an increase in colds and congestion starting in the fall. I really think that kids going back to school dramatically changes the number of germs that get spread from one household to the next. Yet, it just gets worse as we get closer to the holidays. Spending time with extended family is wonderful, but it also means more people in smaller spaces! It’s a great time to stock up on over the counter cold relief products for kids, just in case! Nobody wants to run to the store on the eve of a holiday to grab cold or pain relief medication. Pfizer uses the catchphrase Sick Just Got Real™ when talking about that 1am experience of waking up to a child who doesn’t feel well. Don’t be caught unprepared!

Children's advil

Children’s Advil® Suspension is a pain reliever that is great to have on hand. It can be used with kids ages 2-11. I was sent this but passed it off to my sister whose 2-year-old has been sick. It just happened to work out that he was in need the day this arrived so I was happy to make their lives a little easier by giving that to her as a little gift!

Children's Robitussin day and night

Children’s Robitussin® comes in a DM Day/Night pack for ages 6 on up. This is great to have on hand for cough and chest congestion that can make it difficult for kids to sleep. The nighttime version makes getting restful sleep a bit easier, while the daytime version can be taken in the morning even if kids will be attending school because it won’t cause drowsiness.

Dimetapp cold and cough

Children’s Dimetapp® Cold & Cough is an antihistamine and cough suppressant which is great for kids who have allergies or a cough. It is for ages 6+.

The holiday season can be busy and be tiring for adults, and even more so for kids, especially if they catch a cold. That is only amplified if people get sick. We are trying to do extra hand washing and consuming more vitamin C to help stay healthy. However, it gives me peace of mind to know that we have medications on hand to help if we do get sick. Hopefully, we all get through the holiday season without catching any bugs. Check out the Sick Just Got Real™ for more advice about being prepared or dealing with sickness.

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