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I was sent a BroBasket for review. All opinions are my own.

Shopping for men, especially younger men is really difficult for me. At least with most of the men in my life, they have a few very specific hobbies that I can’t really buy them gifts for without being knowledgeable about the hobby myself. That often leaves gifts being rather stereotypical things. I remember one year Ryan got four pairs of gloves for Christmas. Another year he received several flashlights.

There are a few men in my life who really appreciate a good drink. In many cases, it can feel strange to simply gift alcohol though. BroBaskets offers a wide range of gift baskets aimed at men. They have some that are snacks and candy only, but many of their baskets include alcohol. We were sent the Kentucky Mule gift basket for guys. This comes with everything you need to make a Kentucky Mule drink. Makers mark whiskey, ginger soda, limes and a copper mug. It also comes with a snack, a bag of flavored popcorn!

Bro basket kentucky mule basket

Everything comes in a reusable┬áblack bin. They package the gift baskets carefully, so even after being shipped everything stands upright like you see in their photos. They are a great way to send a simple gift in a way that feels classy and it’s a gift that he’ll truly appreciate and enjoy.

Ryan had never tried a Kentucky Mule before which is part of why I selected this basket for review. It turned the gift into a new experience as well. He liked it! However, if someone in your life has a certain drink they like to make, you may just find a gift basket that caters to their favorite cocktail. Or, they have a make your own gift basket option where you can pick the container, the alcohol, the snacks, the accessories, all the details.

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  • ellen beck

    I actually like these baskets. I like seeing them premade with some really nice things added. In the past, if I knew someone liked a particular drink that was otherwise expensive, I would buy a bottle for Christmas for them. It was rather bring to do it, but they liked it. I sometimes made a basket somewhat like this, but it certainly didtn look as good!

  • Peggy Nunn

    These prepackaged wrapped collections are so nice. It makes gift selection so much easier. I am glad Ryan liked his gift. I think my husband would like that one too.

  • DJ

    This is such a great idea. I love all the goodies they offer in these baskets. It would make a nice birthday gift for my hubby.

  • Dorothy Boucher

    I love these ideas you have here, I think my hubby wouldn’t mind a basket with some fishing supplies or outdoor gear in it .

  • Barrie

    What a unique gift idea for men! I agree that it’s challenging to purchase for men. I tend to send gift cards so they can choose what they want!

  • Cynthia R

    My man would probably want a pringles can, slim jims, chocolate, and some beer in his basket.

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