GoodCook Bakeware, Cookware & More Review & Giveaway (6/16)

Cast iron skillet goodcook

I was sent products to review from GoodCook. All opinions are my own.

Good Cook cast iron grill

I’m the kind of woman who would gladly take cookware or other kitchen items as a gift. I’m not great at cooking, but I enjoy it, and having quality items makes a big difference. For example, having a pan that is supposed to be non-stick, but has started sticking, can make frying eggs a much less pleasant experience. A good cast iron frying pan has been on my wishlist for a while. I’ve heard these can maintain their quality for a lifetime if used well. I don’t recall seeing my parents or anyone else use a cast iron skillet as a child, they sort of felt like something out of a movie to me! However, I’ve read online about how many benefits they have so I was excited to try one from GoodCook. Ours came the day before we left to go camping and Ryan was excited to bring it along. It comes pre-seasoned which was really convenient. We knew cast iron skillets were known for being heavy, yet we were both shocked at how heavy it truly is. The weight of it really is the only downside we’ve found.

Cast iron skillet goodcook

Ryan had watched online how you can use cast iron skillets on a grill while camping to make breakfast foods. We often struggle to come up with clever breakfast meals while camping so we were eager to give it a shot. Ryan used it to fry bacon, and then to fry eggs! It worked really well and was delicious. It was only about 45 degrees that day despite being mid-May, so it was nice to have a warm meal! It does need to be treated a bit differently from other pans, for example, you clean it with salt and need to make sure it is patted dry so it doesn’t rust. It’s also a good idea to read up about how to season the pan if you’re going to own one because they need seasoned or re-seasoned every so often. It has a small lip to make pouring grease out easier. The GoodCook cast iron skillets are available in three sizes, 8 inch, 10 inch or 11.5 inches.

good cook cooling racks

I was also sent basic cooling racks from GoodCook. We haven’t used these yet as we try to keep baked goods for special occasions only. However, nothing compares to cookies that get that perfect texture thanks to a cooling rack. I’m excited to have these on-hand for baking in the future.

The last item was a 13.8×9 oblong ceramic baking dish. My plan was to use this as a generously sized casserole dish, and it truly is generously sized. With it just being Ryan and I here at home, we often like to cook enough for 4 people and then just eat that meal in two settings. It just feels like a lot of effort to cook every single night, but just enough food for the two of us. So we thought we would use this dish and have enough food for two dinners in a row. It made a lot more than that, and I didn’t even fill the dish to the rim. I’ll be sharing this recipe in a future blog post. For now, here is the end-result of our scalloped potatoes and ham in the GoodCook dish.

Scalloped potatoes and ham

It’s definitely big enough to use to bake for a small extended family, or even a big extended family if the food is intended as a side-dish. It’s a really generously sized dish!

I was not familiar with the GoodCook brand prior to this, but our experience has been really positive. I look forward to getting more from GoodCook in the future. They offer cookware, bakeware, kitchen gadgets, kitchen tools and more.

goodcook cast iron skilletCooling rackGoodCook ceramic oblong dish

Win it: The same 3 items I reviewed. A 13.9×8 baking dish, a large cast iron skillet, and 2 cooling racks from GoodCook.

To enter: Fill out the GT form below by 11:59pm EST on 6/16/2018. Giveaway is open to the US.

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