PantyDrop Panties Subscription {Gifts For Her}

PantyDrop subscription box

I was sent a PantyDrop subscription box. All opinions are my own.

I think that in a nutshell, Valentine’s day is about celebrating love by trying to do something a little special to make your loved one feel good. That’s why I think a PantyDrop subscription makes a perfect valentine’s day gift for women.

It just feels good to put on a pair of brand new panties that you feel cute in! Lots of women enjoy being surprised for Valentine’s day, and PantyDrop comes with a surprise built-in because you don’t know exactly what panties you’ll be sent. However, you do get some control over what it sent to hopefully avoid getting panties that aren’t your style.

When you sign up you select a size, the material(s) that you want and the style(s) that you want. They have sizes from XS to 6x! I love how they include such a wide range of sizes so that (almost) all women will be able to subscribe. I like sticking with cotton fabrics and bikini style so that is what I selected in my box. If you like more than one style or more than one material you can choose more than one and get sent a wider variety. There is a basic subscription ($35) and a premium subscription ($65). Either option will send three panties per box, the premium box includes higher-end brands.

PantyDrop subscription box

My box arrived and I loved how cute the print on the outside of the box was! Inside, the panties were wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a sticker.

Panty drop subscription review

I was sent a pair of gray panties, red panties and black panties. Natori

Panty drop gray bikini cotton panties

These gray panties were probably my favorite of the group. I really like when panties are lined in lace that is a different color. These fit me really nice, had enough stretch to be ultra-comfortable and look cute on.

Panty drop bikini panties

I love bikini panties that are lined in lace, so I liked that about this pair. These are Natori brand. They have a nice stretch to them which makes them extremely comfortable to wear. I think the only downside of these for me is, they aren’t low-rider height. I tend to forget that not all bikini style panties are low-riders because I’ve just always purchased low-ride jeans since being a tween or teen on up. I suppose it may just be part of how I came to age when low-ride jeans were so common, that everyone had to also purchase low-ride underwear. It just led me to the mindset that panties that aren’t low-ride are kinda “granny” even if they are bikini cut. Of course, pant styles have moved on but I’ve just continued to wear low-ride panties. I guess my underwear style has stayed stuck in the early 2000’s and I just didn’t realize it. They are very comfortable though. If you ever get panties from PantyDrop that you don’t love, they do allow exchanges. They even include a little card in your subscription box that informs you of this! I think it’s pretty rare for subscription companies to allow exchanges, so I thought that was pretty cool.

Panty drop cosabella panties

Last up was a pair of Cosabella lowrider bikini panties. These are all black but the waistline is a lacey chevron look. They have more moderate coverage in the back, while the front feels a bit more exposed. They are really comfortable on and look cute too. These are definitely my style.

This made for a fun little surprise for me. I would love to get a box from PantyDrop for Valentine’s day, as I think a lot of women would.

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    This is a subscription box I think I would love! What girl doesn’t like pretty panties?!

  • Michelle S

    I think this is a great idea for a woman who would like this. I personally wouldn’t care for it but I can see that other women certainly would.

  • Barrie

    They look like high quality undies. My teen would love this!

  • Sarah L

    This is a box my sister would love. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Peggy Nunn

    They look so good. I like pretty underware. Thank you for sharing and giving us this information.

  • ellen beck

    I think thi would be a wonderful subscription. I really like how varied the selection is. It would be a new adventure every month!

  • Christina Almond

    I would actually really enjoy a gift like that myself! That would be a fun and exciting subscription to get in the mail for a lady!

  • Nancy Epps

    Wow this looks like a really nice subscription, it’s so hard to find comfortable panties that fit right, exspecially for someone with bigger hips and butt like me. I love this. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely be checking this sight out.

  • jm_says

    Panty Subscription? Now, I’ve heard of everything 🙂 This is interesting. All my panties are VS and maybe, just maybe, if the value of this is greater than VS, I may consider. As of now, I think this is more expensive but it’s nice to know for the future when I would need a change.

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