Juicy Juice – Perfect For Summer Sipping & Going Back To School

By Asha

July 26th, 2019

Thank you to Juicy Juice for sending product in exchange for my (and my three-year-old’s) honest opinion in this review.

My daughter loves juice. I try not to let her have too much juice, because I know that it can be quite sugary and not always very good for you. I have been a fan of Juicy Juice 100% juice since I was a kid, so when I got the chance, I was happy to partner with Juicy Juice to try some of their newest products with my daughter.

First up, Juicy Juice’s new Juicy Waters. These are a flavored-water beverage. A great way to get your little one who doesn’t love plain water to drink more water! These are made with filtered water and a hint of organic juice. Hint is definitely the key word here. My daughter was expecting a little more juice flavor, but it was about what I expected. Juicy Juice Waters contain zero calories, zero sugar and are available in an eight-pack of 6.75 oz. single-serve boxes. Juicy Waters come in Fruit Punch, Orange and Strawberry Watermelon flavors.   

Next we got to try Juicy Juice Fruitifuls Organic. Although not pictured, we got to try the Apple and Fruit Punch flavors in the multi-serving bottle. They are also available in single-serve juice boxes, and are also available in Grape. Fruitifuls Organic feature 45% less sugar than the leading juice and in each eight ounce serving there is a half a cup of fruit. Both Apple and Fruit Punch were a hit in our home.

Finally we got to try Juicy Juice Protein. These are one of the first juice-protein blends on the market. They are packed with whey protein and are shelf-stable. Each serving has five grams of protein and is great as a snack in between meals. Juicy Juice Protein is available in an eight-pack of six ounce pouches in Fruit Punch and Orange. One note on these was that we started two of the juices and then let the packs sit for a bit at room temp while she played and then went back to them and both times she complained of “something on her tongue” and wiped her tongue on a kitchen towel, and it appeared that the whey protein had clumped a bit. She did not have issues when she drank the entire juice pouch right away within a few minutes. So my recommendation would be to shake the pouch a little before opening and then to consume right away, not to leave them sit out like you might do with other juice pouches.

Overall we were pleased with the new Juicy Juice products with the Organic Fruitifuls being our overall favorite.

Tell me in the comments: Are you a Juicy Juice fan? Have you tried any of the new Juicy Juice varieties yet?

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Hi, my name is Asha. I am 30 years old and am a nurse by profession. My husband and I have been married for over five years and together we have a sweet three-year-old daughter, an infant son, and a lovable bunny named Caramel. I enjoy spending time with family, taking photographs, scrapbooking, hunting, fishing, cooking and gardening.


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  • Angela Saver

    We haven’t tried the new varieties yet, but our kids have always been Juicy Juice fans!

  • Debbie Welchert

    I have had Juicy Juice before and I really love it. My favorite is their fruit punch.

  • Lauryn R

    We love Juicy Juice too! I haven’t tried the Juicy Waters yet, but I know that these would be perfect for my little ones! My daughters usually don’t have a problem drinking plain water, but my son is super picky about it. I will definitely be picking some of these up the next time I go shopping. Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂

  • Mia E.

    I like the juices especially that they are 100% juice and have less sugar. I am interested in trying the flavored water and see what my grandkids think about it.

  • Sarah L

    I only drink 100% juice. So these would be good.

  • gloria patterson

    I need to check Juicy Juice out did not know they had juicy waters. My great niece (2) stays with me a couple times a month and I try to have things she would like. Zadaya likes water, I drink water and she is always picking up my water bottle and drink from it. She also has her own water bottles but she like mine the best.

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