Four tips to prevent bloat in great danes
By Lakota

August 3rd, 2019
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We did a lot of research before deciding on getting a Great Dane. Given that we wanted to add to our already exhausting family we knew the breed we chose had to be family friendly. Here’s all the reasons why a Great Dane fits the perfect family dog role!
why great danes are the best family dogs
Great for apartment living.
Now I don’t personally live in an apartment but my house as I’ve discussed before is small. Great Danes aren’t high energy dogs so they do great in smaller spaces with only so much as a walk a day.
why great danes are the best family dogs
Gentle giants.
Despite their bold and sometimes intimidating size Great Danes are known across the board to be gently giants. These dogs are some of the most timid and tolerant dogs I’ve ever met. My son, since the time he was mobile has been able to come up to our dane, open his mouth, and grab the bone from him without so much as a peep. While they can easily be spooked, socializing often can eliminate and skittishness.
why great danes are the best family dogs
Great Danes are an incredibly social breed. They really long to please their owners and really reach out to you to connect. They can be very sensitive and it’s best to follow positive discipline practices as it’s very easy to hurt their feelings. My husband and I joke about how our Dane often tried to apologize too soon after an accidental toe smashing. It seems they really just hate to be in the dog house so to speak. Now some get confused in thinking they are lap dogs but it’s only because they strive for attention and closeness with the family.
One of the first things everyone brings up when they meet Pharaoh is how much he must eat. Most are shocked to find out that most Danes eat less than a golden retriever. Great Danes are pretty low energy dogs like I mentioned before so they don’t need to eat a ton to maintain their energy levels. Our Dane eats at most two bowls a day we also choose to free feed so that he can eats whenever he’s hungry.
Short hair. 
With Great Danes being short haired they require very minimal grooming. We have taken our dane in for the occasional grooming but mostly that was after he had rolled in something yucky or got sprayed by a skunk and my husband and I didn’t feel like wrestling him in our small bathroom. One tip of advice would be to match your furniture to the color of your dog if possible. The short hair is much easier to manage than the fur of this little cutie pictured above!
The best snugglers. 
Great Danes are some of the best snugglers. They can lay right beside you and keep you warm and they love resting their heads on you. They also curl up and fit in some surprisingly small spots as well. It does take some time for them to learn their size and whereabouts but once they do they are so mindful of it.
Having kids and dogs together I don’t think I’d ever have another breed besides Great Dane. They might only be here a while due to their shorter life span but they make an untouchable impact in that amount of time.

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  • Lauryn R

    Great Danes really are the best family dogs, they are such gentle giants!! I have never had one personally, but have had a couple of friends with one. I love them so much!

  • Dana Rodriguez

    They are really pretty dogs. I am more of a cat person but you have some beauties!

  • Mia E.

    My friend has 2 Great Danes and I had never realized what sweet and intelligent dogs they are. His dogs are so good with children.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I want one because of the snuggles. They are great companions. I can’t have a large dog now, but if I could, I would get one.

  • ellen beck

    I know some people who are owned by Danes and I agree they are fantastic dogs. I have always liked their noble looks and gentle nature. I also like how Danes are not at all ‘nippy’ like some breeds can be. I have also always had larger breeds with one exception and prefer the bigger dogs.

  • gloria patterson

    Something I always wanted was a great dane, I had a friend that had one and he was there baby. They always promised me a pup bu just never happend. Its nice after reading here how great they are.

  • Alice F

    I have long admired Great Danes. They are so full of character and I often think of them as being giant puppies.

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