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I was sent HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs to sample. This is a sponsored post. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

As we start a new year, a lot of people are starting diets. I’m not. However, for several years now I have been trying to be more conscious of my eating. I like to try healthier options when I see them, in hopes that they’ll become new staples. My personal theory is that the best way to truly adopt a healthier diet longterm is to do so in a way that doesn’t feel forced or overly restricted. I have tried diets in the past that I wasn’t able to maintain longterm, but some of them did help me to find new foods or new options that did last long term, and that’s because I really liked those things and didn’t feel terribly restricted by them. 

When I heard about HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs, they immediately struck me as the type of snack I’d like to try. I am a snacker, through and through. More specifically, salty snacks. I am not someone who could ever go carb-free. I don’t particularly care about bread or pasta, oddly enough – but I need salty snacks like crackers, at least occasionally. Anyway, I’m always up for trying new, healthier alternative snacks. Because I know I need healthier replacements for snacks instead of just trying to entirely cut them out. 


HORMEL® HAPPY LITTLE PLANTS™ Protein Puffs are plant-based protein snacks with an impressive 16g of protein per serving. I love trying new snacks with high protein because I know protein will keep me feeling fuller, longer which makes it easier to eat less. 

They are currently available in three varieties, ranch, nacho cheese, and cinnamon & sugar. We got the variety pack from Amazon which includes a 12 pack, so 4 in each flavor. These come in serving-sized bags which are similar to the snack bag size you’d commonly see for crackers or chips. 

hormel little plants puffs

They are puffed snacks so texture-wise, they are sort of like cheese balls. I don’t care for nacho flavored things for the most part, and I’m not a huge ranch fan either. I expected the cinnamon & sugar to be my favorite, and they are. They remind me a bit of cinnamon & sugar breakfast cereal. All three versions have a bit of an aftertaste, but the cinnamon & sugar version had the mildest aftertaste and were the most enjoyable to both of us. Ranch came in #2, and nacho was our least favorite. While we didn’t really care for two of the flavors, that just makes me glad that we tried the variety pack because it let us experience them all and learn which were a good match for us and which weren’t. 

Looking for new protein snacks to try in 2021? Head to Amazon to purchase the Happy Little Plants variety pack or a set of an individual flavor. Right now there is an online coupon for $4 off that you can use! 

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