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Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available! (+ Giveaway) | Emily Reviews
Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!

This ‘Naked Nutrition Review: New Flavors Now Available’ post is sponsored by Naked Nutrition.  As always, all opinions are my own.   ***This post contains Amazon affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

While there is never a bad time to start making changes for a healthier lifestyle, the beginning of a new year is always an ideal starting point.  A new year brings a clean slate and if you haven’t yet made a resolution for a better you, do it today!  This year, I’m taking strides in a variety of ways to improve my health.  Not only am I walking on the treadmill each morning, I’ve also added an under the desk elliptical to my work station so I don’t sit idle as I’m working.  And now that I feel like I’ve got a good grasp on the physical aspects, it’s time to put some focus on what I’m putting into my body.  That’s where I’ve found Naked Nutrition to be hugely beneficial.

Naked Nutrition Review: New Flavors Now Available

Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!

Naked Nutrition makes it easy to control what goes into your body!  Customers love how this brand offers the best of the best!  Their protein powder and workout supplements are made with premium ingredients and no artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.  In a time where there are so many scary ingredients in almost everything on the grocery store shelves, Naked Nutrition is filling the gap with goodness.


Double Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Made using pasture-fed cows’ milk from small dairy farms, Naked Nutrition uses careful manufacturing processes to create a non-denatured whey loaded with essential amino acids, glutathione, and clean protein. I have to say that I’m really enjoying the new Double Chocolate Whey Protein Powder from Naked Nutrition.  It’s versatile, yummy, and a great addition to my day.  

Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!

Ways To Use Naked Whey

  • Mix into protein shakes for an added protein boost.
  • Add to your smoothie bowl to bulk it up.
  • Use it in your baked goods to make them even better and healthier.
  • Blend: Mix two scoops into 6-10oz of milk, water or your favorite beverage. Enjoy the flavor alone or enhance it with other ingredients of your choice.
  • Pair With: Incorporate Naked Gut into your daily diet to promote gut health, immune function, and overall wellness.

Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!

Benefits Of Naked Whey Use:

-Build and Maintain Lean Muscle Mass
-Boost Immune System
-Lose Fat
-Improve Heart Health
-Cold Processed So Nutrients Stay Non-Denatured
-Better Absorption 

Energy Bites (Naked Nutrition)

Easy, No Bake Protein Balls / Energy Bites Recipe (Seriously the yummiest I’ve ever found!)

A couple years ago, I was at a homeschool meeting and one of the snacks being served was the best, most flavorful protein balls (aka: Energy Bites) I’d ever had!  They were super tasty and not overly dry, like many recipes are.  This recipe has become one of my favorite ways to sneak in some extra protein via Naked Nutrition’s Naked Whey.  

 Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!


  • 2/3 cups creamy peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup mini semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1 cup old fashioned oats
  • 1/2 cup ground flax seeds
  • 3 tablespoons honey
  • 2 scoops Double Chocolate Whey Protein Powder

Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!


  1. Mix all ingredients together in a medium sized mixing bowl until well combined.
  2. Chill in refrigerator for 15 minutes.
  3. Roll into balls (or use a cookie scoop for ease if you’re okay with a slightly flat bottom).
  4. Eat immediately or store in an air tight container in the fridge for up to 1 week.

Energy Bites (Naked Nutrition)

Naked Whey Is Available In A Variety Of Flavors

Check out the entire collection to find the best flavors for your needs!  You can choose from: Double Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate PB, Chocolate, and Unflavored. 

The Naked Difference


Thermogenic Fat Burner

There’s another new product that Naked Nutrition recently launched that I want to bring your attention to called Burn.  Both my husband and I have been kinda ‘stuck’ at our current weights so I’m super excited to give this new product a try!  Naked Burn combines natural ingredients backed by multiple gold-standard clinical trials to increase heat in your body and burn up to 15% more calories at rest. I’m excited as it may be just what we need to finally break through weight management plateaus and sculpt our ideal bodies.

Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!

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One lucky Emily Reviews reader will win their very own 5# container of Naked Whey in their choice of flavor as well as a bottle of Burn!  This prize pack is valued at $135!  Open to the Continental US only, just enter the widget below for your chance to win.  Good luck!

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Naked Nutrition Review: New Naked Whey Flavors Now Available!

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