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The wedding ceremony is one of the grand events celebrated with loved ones. But planning a wedding ceremony is not a simple task. It is both thrilling and exhaustive to plan a glorious wedding ceremony. Wedding plan involves a long list of tasks which needs to be ticked off the box to make it a grand event. Out of those tasks, a wedding invitation is a hectic one. It involves preparing a lengthy list of guests and inviting them before the event.

Gone were the days when we used to send wedding invitation cards directly to the guests. Firstly we had to choose a specific design and then send it to respective guests through post or by hand. This process took a lot of time and effort back then. But today digitization of all things has changed the way wedding invitations used to be before. The digital wedding invitation has become a trend today. Thanks to the internet and smartphones. Earlier wedding invitation cards had limited design options. But today there are endless design and customization options for making a digital wedding invitation.

Following are the creative ideas for creating perfect digital wedding invitations for your guests.

  • Video invitation

Inviting guests for wedding events through a video invitation is quite trending nowadays. A short video consisting of your photos or video clips aligned together will make it a superb wedding invitation. You can also add photo collages of your engagement photos with music in the video. Making such video invitations is quite easy. You can get assistance with an online video maker to create a unique wedding invitation. Use an intro maker to add a good intro for this video invitation card. Just make sure that the video invitation clip should be a short one.
Your guests will love to watch a short video clip as an invitation for your wedding event. You can easily share video invitation cards through WhatsApp or Messenger.

  • GIF invitation card

Instead of creating a normal wedding invitation, you can opt for a GIF wedding invitation card. A GIF is a short moving loop made from a collection of image frames. GIF invitation cards can be made by selecting images of the wedding couple and arranging them to look like a live invitation. They are easy to create with the help of online GIF creators. Audio can also be added to the GIF invitation card. GIF invitation is preferred over normal online invitation cards today. Musical GIF wedding invitation cards are also trending nowadays.

  • Animated invitation

Creating an animated wedding invitation is another unique approach to invite your guests for the grand event. Animated versions of invitation cards are both amazing and easy to prepare.

With the help of animated templates available online, you can create an animated wedding invitation. First of all, you have to create an animated image of the bride and groom and then add them with other details in animated templates. To make them sound more attractive, you can add music and clip art.

  • Simple minimalist invitation

This simple type of invitation still stands as the preferred one for making online cards for wedding invitations. Keeping it simple and minimalistic sometimes makes a good wedding invitation. This type of invitation includes basic information about the bride, the groom, their parents, and the wedding date and venue. Such invitations have less design and text which looks simple yet attractive. You can choose a suitable font size for text to be added in the invitation.

  • Engagement photo-themed invitation

Adding an engagement photo in a wedding invitation card looks just awesome. You can choose a candid picture from your engagement to add to the wedding invitation. Doing this will showcase your strong bond of relationship to the guests. This type of invitation will also be loved by those guests who were not able to attend your engagement ceremony. These invitation cards look more colorful and creative in every way.

  • Audio wedding invitation

Audio invitation card is an affectionate way to invite your guests for your grand event. You can simply create an audio clip which indicates all the details of your wedding venue and date. Recording audio of both groom and bride will add more creativity to this kind of invitation. Background music can also be added in the audio clip to make it sound more interesting.

  • Love story invitation

Telling your love story on the invitation card is a unique way of creating a good wedding invitation. Your guests should know about your beautiful love story through this invitation card. Your love story should be expressed in a short yet effective way on the invitation card. You can also add some images relevant to your love story in that invitation card.

  • Artistic design invitation

Give your digital wedding invitation an artistic approach. Invitation cards designed with wonderful art looks more appealing. You can pick a floral, modern or traditional design to create an artistic invitation card. InVideo can help you with suitable templates to create such artistic invitations.

  • Save-the-date invitation

Save-the-date type of invitation is the best way to invite your guests to the wedding ceremony. Save-the-date is a type of invitation which focuses on the date of the wedding ceremony. The date of the ceremony is denoted in various formats on the invitation card. You can choose various designs for save-the-date wedding cards online. There are hundreds of RSVP templates available at InVideo for creating this type of invitation card. Fonts of the date and other details could also be changed accordingly.

Creating an online wedding invitation card is the perfect solution over creating paper invitation cards. They are both time-saving and error-free. Errors occurring while creating online invitation cards are autocorrected. Creating digital wedding invitations are very economical and
convenient as well. By making these digital invitation cards, you can easily utilize more time for other important tasks of the wedding event. So sit back, relax and start creating your own customized wedding invitation card.

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