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Attending music festivals can be truly unforgettable. From the entertaining performances and various fun activities, it is a dream destination for many people. However, using drugs like molly and ecstasy have become popular during these events because they can heighten senses and intensify the feeling of pleasure. Even if you use drugs just to enjoy the music festival more, it may still be harmful to your health. You may continue to crave its effects even after the event, which may later lead you to develop an addiction. If your substance usage has turned from recreational to regular and is starting to get in the way of your daily life, you need to seek treatment immediately. You may want to enter a nearby facility or visit a Fort Myers drug rehab center. Either way, it’s best to get professional help as soon as possible.

Although drugs have become common in music festivals, you can still have fun without consuming any. Whether you are attending for the first time or go regularly, you can make it an incredible experience with these tips.

Select Your Must-See Acts

One of your motivations for attending a music festival is probably to see your favorite artists perform in one venue. Before you know it, you might have a jam-packed schedule that involves hurrying between performances so you can catch different artists. Although having a plan is a good idea, it may take away from the festival experience and leave you feeling tired and overwhelmed. Instead, pick the artists you really want to see perform and then fill up the vacant times with other activities. This way, you will never miss out on watching your favorite performers live and also enjoy the rest of what the festival has to offer.

Visit the Smaller Stages

Music festivals aren’t just about the main stage and headlining acts. They also offer the opportunity to learn about new artists and new music. Take the time to explore the smaller stages and indie acts. Don’t be limited by only seeing singers and bands you are familiar with. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy your discovery.

Take Care of Your Needs

With all the excitement happening during the festival, it’s easy to forget to eat and drink. You may want to plan ahead of time for when you and your friends will take a break to eat, so you don’t miss meals or your favorite performers. Also, remember to stay hydrated, especially if you will be under the sun all day. Take short breaks and rest when you can to keep yourself energized. Fainting due to dehydration and exhaustion will ruin your festival experience.

Dress Appropriately

Before attending any festival, make sure to check out the weather beforehand and plan your outfit (or outfits) accordingly. When selecting your clothes, prioritize comfort before style. You want to be able to dance, move, and walk comfortably from day to night. So, pick clothing that is breathable and loose. Also, wear shoes that provide you with support and comfort. Your feet will thank you for it when you need to run to catch the next performer. To keep you warm on chilly nights, bring a flannel button-down or a sweater.

Pack the Essentials

Part of having a fun music festival experience is having all the essentials with you. Whether you are attending the event for the day or staying overnight, it’s always good to come prepared. If you are not sure about what is allowed on-site, you may view the festival’s website. Most of the time, they have a list of things you can and cannot bring. Apart from that, here’s a short checklist of what to include in your festival fanny pack or backpack:

  • Sunscreen – You want to take home awesome memories, not a painful sunburn. So, make sure
    to pack some with at least an SPF of 50 and reapply it throughout the day or every three hours.
  • Sunglasses – Remember to protect your eyes from the harmful sun as well. A pair of stylish
    sunglasses are also a great way to complete any outfit.
  • Bandana or hat – Most festivals are held outside and some are in dusty areas, so it’s good to
    have a bandana to cover your face when there’s a dust storm. Also, you can use your bandana
    to protect your head from the heat, but a hat is still the best choice for this.
  • Smartphone – Of course, your smartphone will help you capture a memorable experience. But it
    will also be very handy for when you get separated from your friends.
  • Portable phone charger and wire – This can be a lifesaver when your phone’s battery is running
    dangerously low and you need to contact your friends.
  • Wet wipes – A refreshing wipe is enough to cool you down when it gets too hot. Not to
    mention, it will be helpful to have when you need to use the port-a-potties.
  • Tissue and hand sanitizer – Make sure to clean your hands before eating and after using the
  • Allergy medications – Aside from the variety of music, music festivals also offer different dishes
    you can try. Having your allergy medications is important in case you get a reaction from the
  • Cash – Some spare cash is always a good idea to bring along. Have enough to cover basic
    expenses like food and drinks. Also, make sure you have your IDs and a few credit cards just in

Enjoy the Moment

Don’t get preoccupied with snapping photos and taking videos of the performances. Instead, be present when watching the shows. Go ahead and sing along to your favorite songs or dance with your fellow fans. Attending the music festival may be your way to take a break from work, but it can also enrich your life by creating a deeper connection with music and your friends.

These are just some ways you can maximize your music festival experience without needing to use any substances. Remember, you can make it unique and memorable by coming prepared and using it as an opportunity to discover new music and connect with people.

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