betheaces dragon r/c
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Betheaces set me toys for inclusion in my holiday gift guide. There are affiliate links in this post. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes, I love a gift that is just affordable and easy to order! Betheaces toys sell right on Amazon, making them a really convenient item to shop for, even if you decide to shop last minute! 

Betheaces sells some traditional or classic toys, like remote control vehicles, stuffed animals and pool toys. They also sell some toys that may be a bit different than anything you’ve ever seen before! Today I’m going to focus on three Betheaces toys, but I encourage you to visit the Betheaces landing page on Amazon to see their other items, too. 

Betheaces Flying airplane toy

First up, the 2 pack of flying airplaes with blasters. These have a “blaster” device that they attach to, and when the trigger is pulled they blast off into the air! These are for kids ages 4+. The plates have two different holes i nthe rear so you can decide which one to put the rear wing into. When placed in the lower slot, the plane should fly horizontally when released. When placed in the higher slot, the plane should loop i a “rotating flight” patter instead. These are toys that a lot of kids will find exciting, and when the weather is nice they can make a great toy for using outside and getting in some exercise! The two pack is currently $28.97 on Amazon

betheaces remote control spider

Next up is the wall climbing remote control toy. Most kids have owned a remote control car before, but a remote control spider is probably new, and one that can climb up the wall is even more unique! While this is a cool toy, it’s best for older kids as it does require careful use to get it to work well. First, make sure to charge it before you use it. Make sure the spider is turned off before you begin charging it. There is a white strip on the underside of the spider – do not remove this. It helps the spider create a seal against the wall so that it can climb walls. It will only work on very smooth surfaces, so if you have textured walls it may not be able to climb them, but it can still be used on flat surfaces like tables or the floor. If you’re playing with the spider and it’s eyes start flashing, that means it’s time to recharge. The remote control spider is currently $23.99 on Amazon

betheaces dragon r/c

The third toy I’m featuring is this remote control dragon. I have a nephew who loves dinosaurs, and while dragons are’t dinosaurs…they are kid of dinosaurs plus wings and breathing fire which is pretty awesome, right? I think he will think so! This toy roars, shakes its head, and flaps its wings. The remote control has two buttons, one controls the head and the other controls the legs.  This is currently $40.99 on Amazon.

Buy it: You can purchase from Beatheaces right on Amazon. 

Win it: I’m going to be having three giveaways for Betheaces, one for each of the three toys above. However, I can only put one giveaway entry form per blog post. So for this post, the form is for the remote control dragon toy. Later today I’ll be putting up a new post that includes a form for the airplane toy, and tomorrow I’ll be adding a blog post that includes a form to enter for the remote control spider. Feel free to enter just one, two or all three giveaways for this brand. 

This giveaway is for the dragon remote control toy and is open to the US. This giveaway will end 11/25 at 11:59pm EST. 

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