BMI, Bone Density, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Muscle Mass

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In 2019 I made some big changes in the foods I was eating and my exercise routine. I won’t go into exactly what I did because everyone is different, we all have different needs and different circumstances. What I will tell you is that I had a lightbulb moment where I (gosh this sounds silly) realized that no one else was going to make my health a priority. No one else could do the work for me. If I wanted to see changes in me, then I need to be the one to make them. For my personality, I needed to make drastic changes and go “cold-turkey” on a few things. I made those changes, kept them for a year, and lost around 30 pounds.

Then of course in 2020 the pandemic hit. I decided that I mentally needed to give myself some grace. Life was different and the things I had once had access to, I no longer did. So for 2020, I permitted myself to just be. To simply take the time to appreciate good health and cherish the bonus time I had with my family. Much to my surprise, I maintained my weight loss during this year.

As 2021 rolled around, some things went back to “normal.” I was able to reevaluate my goals and come up with a new routine. Things were good for a while. Then I got diagnosed with skin cancer. Physically I was fine. The cancer was immediately removed and tested as benign. Mentally not so much. This threw me for a loop. My anxiety levels were higher than they have been in years. After a few months of feeling lost, I returned to my exercise program. Not only did it help me feel physically stronger but also mentally. In the last couple of months, I lost another 15 pounds. 

As 2022 approaches, I want to continue my journey. I have a bit more weight I want to lose and I want to focus more on building muscle. 

BMI, Bone Density, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Muscle Mass

While I was researching how to go about reaching my 2022 goals, I saw a reoccurring theme in the articles I was reading. Medical, as well as fitness professionals, were discussing the importance of knowing your BMI, fat, muscle, and bone mass. I didn’t know my measurements and wasn’t aware of an easy way to have them taken. After looking some more, I decided that a smart scale, that could tell me those measurements, would be a nice tool to have. Everything I saw pointed me to the Withings Body Cardio scale

BMI, Bone Density, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Muscle Mass

Withings Body Cardio scale delivers ultra-precise weight and composition measurements including body fat, water %, along with your muscle and bone mass. The Body Cardio scale has ‘position control’ technology to help you center yourself on the scale. This gives you an accurate reading you can trust every time you use it.

BMI, Bone Density, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Muscle Mass

The Body Cardio scale is multiple user-friendly. Up to eight people can weigh themselves and access their personal histories. As you step on, the scale will recognize you and recall your specific data.

BMI, Bone Density, Health, Fitness, Nutrition, Muscle Mass

The Body Cardio scale is also able to sync with the free Health Mate app to display your trends and help you reach your health goals. It is also compatible with the Apple Watch, plus more than 100 top health and fitness apps including Apple Health, Fitbit, and Google fit.

I am excited to have the Withings Body Cardio scale. I have it synced with my Fitbit and use it daily. 

If you or someone you know are working to improve your health, a Withings Body Cardio scale would be a great gift!

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  • Ashley Parks

    I need to start focusing on my own health more too. 15 pounds lost is great!! I would like to lose 80 pounds, but I think I need to make smaller goals to be able to reach the bigger goal. This looks like a great scale to help track progress. I Love that it tells you more than just weight.

  • Helga

    What an innovation on the traditional weight scale. I want one of these for my household.

  • Donna

    This is an impressive scale! It would really help me stay healthy. I have a fitbit, so it’s great that you can sync them.

  • Lauryn R

    I have never heard of a Body Cardio scale, this one sounds really amazing! I can’t believe all of the features that it has. I love that up to 8 people can weigh themselves and keep their history.

  • gloria patterson

    I have a friend who is on keto and she is working hard. This would be perfect for her because she is tracking everything. going to share this with her

  • Becky Kinard

    I was not familiar with the Body Cardio Scale. This is awesome! I also work out and constantly am watching my weight. I want to be healthy and fit. I find that even though the weight is slow to come off, my workouts help my stress from work.

  • Sue E

    Like you, I really don’t want to go into my story. This Body Cardio Scale would save me a couple of trips to the doctor’s! Because I my doctor would want to monitor me. This machine sounds like it could monitor my progress perfectly! I need discipline. Thank you for sharing!

  • Tara Enright

    This is something I never seen before a scale that does body cardio pretty amazing if you ask me. I just don’t know where they come up with all these different products it amazes me quite a bit.

  • Sarah L

    My sister has a smart watch so this would be a great scale for her.

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