AspenClean Plastic-free Detergents Now Available (+ Giveaway!)

This AspenClean review and giveaway is sponsored by AspenClean.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Alicia Sokolowski is a mom who wanted to make sure all the cleaning products she used in her home were both non-toxic and effective.  When she couldn’t find what she was looking for on the market, she set out to make her own eco-friendly cleaning products.  She founded AspenClean, which is already popular in Canada and now available to Americans online.

AspenClean Plastic-Free Detergents Now Available (+ Giveaway!)

AspenClean Plastic-free Detergents Now Available

AspenClean is a great brand who offer award-winning safe and effective alternatives to chemical-based cleaning products.  As I mentioned, their line of plastic-free detergents are super popular in Canada and they are excited to announce their products are now available to Americans through their website too.

AspenClean Plastic-Free Detergents Now Available (+ Giveaway!)

Laundry Pods

Clean natural scents, or no scent at all – it’s your choice with Aspen Clean eco friendly laundry detergent!  AspenClean products are made with only natural and organic ingredients and have won cleaning product awards from both Parents and Good Housekeeping magazines.

AspenClean Plastic-Free Detergents Now Available (+ Giveaway!)

The zero-plastic laundry pods are naturally formulated to remove tough stains and fight odors, dirt, grime, and grease.  With the planet in mind, they are non-toxic and packaged in a compostable container.  These vegan laundry pods are gentle on sensitive skin and won’t damage your clothes with harsh chemicals.  They are an eco-friendly laundry pod that is also 100% baby safe, pet safe, and environmentally sustainable.

We’ve been using the lavender laundry pods so far and they’ve been working great!  Our clothes have been coming out fresh and clean.

AspenClean Plastic-Free Detergents Now Available (+ Giveaway!)

Dishwasher Pods

Made of biodegradable, plant-based ingredients that leave your dishes sparkling clean every time, AspenClean’s Unscented Dishwasher Pods are packaged in a 100% recycled paper container.  These eco-friendly dishwasher pods remove even the toughest of food stains and eliminate grease without leaving any residue or film on your dishes or glassware in just 1 cycle!  Sadly, our dishwasher has been broke for several months now and the technician hasn’t been able to figure out the problem yet so I haven’t been able to try these out personally.

AspenClean Plastic-Free Detergents Now Available (+ Giveaway!)

All of AspenClean’s products have earned a prestigious A-rating verification by the Environmental Working Group, delivering the same results as conventional products but are still putting family and planet first.  

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AspenClean Plastic-free Detergents Now Available (+ Giveaway!)

AspenClean Giveaway

One lucky Emily Reviews reader will win a set of dishwasher pods and laundry pods from AspenClean.  This giveaway is open to the US and Canada, just enter the widget below for your chance.  Good luck!

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  • Kristy Wolfgang

    I would like to try the all purpose cleaner because I like to be able to spray many surfaces in my home.

  • jeanna

    I’d like to try the AspenClean Oxygen Bleach Powder and Stain Remover! My kids are forever getting stains on their clothes and i’m always looking for ways to remove them!

  • stephanie baker

    We stopped using the dishwasher at our last house (a rental) because dishes never got fully clean or would have streaks. Now that we have moved into a new house & just bought a new dishwasher, I’m excited that it is actually keeping things very clean & sparkly! It sounds like the AspenClean would be better for the dishwasher longterm, & also for the environment. Thanks so much for the review & the chance for some goodies 🙂

  • Faythe A

    I am interested in many of this product. Esp the AspenClean All Purpose or Kitchen Cleaner and Cloth Kit.

  • Lisa Edwards

    I want to try the laundry detergent, it sounds pretty amazing and I would love to give it a whirl!

  • Sandy C.

    I’d love to go for the whole deal and try the AspenClean Whole House Cleaning Kit. It’s got everything I could possibly need to get this dump looking fresh and sparkling again! (And it sure could use it!)

  • Dawn Snow

    I would love to get these lavender laundry pods.

  • barb g

    I like the unscented laundry pods because I am allergic to all the other kinds.

  • Susan P.

    I’d love to try the Laundry Detergent Pods in Plastic-Free Packaging.

  • EDYE

    the detergent pods!

  • Buddy Garrett

    I would like to try the eco-friendly Laundry Detergent. I want to try detergents that are natural and free of chemicals.

  • BRIAN E.

    We would like to try the Microfiber Cloths; look more substantial than others we have seen around !

  • Melissa Hartley

    I would love to try the ecological dish soap because there are no harsh chemicals in the product. Thank you.

  • Dorothy Deakyne

    I would like to try the Dish Soap

  • Leigh Nichols

    I’d love to try AspenClean Natural Dish Soap Lavender and Lemongrass, I LOVE the smell of Lemongrass! I try to find non toxic products to try, this looks wonderful.

  • sheila ressel

    I’d like to try the Lavender Laundry pods. I’ll bet they would make my clothes smell amazing!

  • Debbi Wellenstein

    The AspenClean Natural Dish Soap Lavender and Lemongrass sounds delightful. I love great-smelling cleaning products.

  • Jennifer Tilson

    I’d like to try the Aspen Clean Natural Dish Soap Lavender and Lemongrass.

  • James Coyne

    AspenClean Natural Laundry Detergent Unscented

  • AEKZ2

    I would like to try the AspenClean Natural Laundry Detergent Lavender and Lemongrass most, because I bet it smells amazing.

  • Sand

    I’d like to try AspenClean Lavender Laundry Pods because it sounds calming.

  • gloria patterson

    these products really sound good I am going to order some

  • Sattwa Wygmans

    I love that they’re vegan too. I have been searching for safer cleaning products and these look really good (my standards are almost impossibly high!) I also really like the containers, so cute! Thank you for this review.

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