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Holiday Gift Giving & Wrapping With FLOMO + Giveaway | Emily Reviews

This post is sponsored by FLOMO USA. All opinions are my own.

I became aware of the FLOMO brand less than a year ago, but I’ve tried a variety of their products and have been happy with everything I have tried so far. 

FLOMO has school and office supplies such as journals and pens, plus party supplies, art supplies, teacher supplies and more. With us being in the midst of the holiday season, I thought I’d share a combination of gift suggestions and gift wrapping products. 

First, let’s talk about wrapping. I’m 31 years old, and I have to confess that I’ve often put of planning gift wrapping until the last second. Christmas Eve I’ll be scrambling around trying to figure out how to wrap something that I don’t have a box for. I’m not doing that this year! This year, I’m prepared with FLOMO products instead. I got FLOMO gift tags and gift boxes. The gift boxes are awesome for putting clothing or other soft items, or unboxed items in before you wrap them. 

flomo gift boxes and labels

Buying gift boxes also just makes gifts feel so much more polished than using a random cardboard box. They aren’t as bulky so if you wrap them, you waste less paper, too. FLOMO has plain gift boxes, or themed ones depending on your preference. Flomo also has gift tags! A tip to make wrapping easier is to fill out a full sheet of stickers with your child’s name before you start wrapping. Then you can just add the tags as you go instead of having to wrap one present, write one label, wrap another present, wonder where in the heck your pen went, etc. 

FLOMO also offers wrapping paper in all sorts of different themes. 

sketch books

On to some gift ideas! For the artists in your life, Flomo has sketchbooks in different sizes and styles. I have three nieces and two nephews who are all quite interested in drawing. I love giving kids gifts that can help support their hobbies and interests, especially ones like drawing which may turn into lifelong hobbies or even be part of someone’s career if they decide to pursue it. 

In the past I’ve received FLOMO sketch books that come bundled with a set of gel pens. So if you’re looking to gift a creative person a sketch book and utensils, they have some combos you can go for.

FLOMO markers 

The other FLOMO items I’m giving for the little artists include different market sets. I was sent three sets, two of them are really similar markets, just in different amounts. I love these dual-tip markers as they work really nicely and come in tons of colors. I like that both of them come with storage cases, too as it makes clean up and storage easier. The third marker set is permanent markers in a rainbow of colors, plus some fun extras like pinks and black.

When paired with the sketchbooks, I think these will make nice gifts! I don’t know that they’ll necessarily use the markers in the sketchbooks, but I know all the kids enjoy using markers and drawing in sketchbooks, so I thought doing an art-themed gift set was okay even if they may not use the items together. 

Flomo stickers

And finally, some adorable stickers! Stickers are one of those things that kids like from quite a young age and often will continue to enjoy even into the teen years. Consider picking up some stickers as a stocking stuffer, or as a bundled gift alongside other craft supplies or journaling supplies. 

Buy it: The website sells in bulk, but if you reach out to them via their contact form they can arrange individual purchases for you. 

Win it: FLOMO is offering three prize packs, so we’ll have three winners. All three sets include gel pens, paint and paint brushes, though the exact item(s) vary. Here are photos of the giveaway sets.

flomo prize 1flomo prize 2flomo prize 3

To enter, fill out the GT Form below. You’ll be entered to win any of these 3 sets and they’ll be assigned randomly. 
Entry Form

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