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TruSkin sent me products for review. All opinions are my own.

Last year I started trying to take better care of my skin. I had never really even learned the basics of skincare, and was initially surprised at how there is a bit of a learning curve to even understand the basics. Thank goodness for the internet! 

I’ve learned that my skin is dry, acne-prone and sensitive. I think most people feel like their skin type is difficult, but I definitely feel hat way about mine! It’s hard to treat acne when your skin is already dry, and having sensitive skin adds yet another layer of complexity. I’ve added some TruSkin products to my routine with success, so I’m excited to share them with you today. 

The first TruSkin product that I use is their Ocean Minerals Super Toner. I originally had tried to just use a cleanser and moisturizer, but I found that my skin would remain dry if I just used a regular moisturizer. When I tried using thicker/heavier moisturizers, then I’d break out. So I started researching how to get my skin to stay more hydrated without overdoing it with a heavy cream..and found the world of toners and serums. Toners are designed to help calm the skin and prep it to nicely absorb anything used next. 

TruSkin skincare review

The Ocean Minerals Super Toner comes in a spray bottle so you spritz it on your face. I was a bit worried at first because it says to avoid the eye area but it’s not super easy to target where the mist falls because it comes out in a fairly wide spritz. I just close my eyes when using it, and haven’t had any issues with it irritating my eyes when used that way. 

Next, I’ve been using three different TruSkin serums. Some people use multiple serums in a single wash. I find that a bit overwhelming for me at this current phase. So I’ve been rotating through three serums in the evenings. 

When I was first learning about skincare, I learned quickly that a lot of skincare gets muddied by advertising, rather than being science focused. I started looking to find what ingredients are scientifically backed for making a meaningful difference in the skin. Three that I know are well respected are vitamin-C for brightening, retinol for reducing fine lines and unclogging pores, and niacinamide for dark spots, anti-aging and mild acne. 

TruSkin’s serums make incorporating these ingredients pretty easy because they offer a Vitamin C serum, a retinol serum, and a niacinamide serum. They also have some hydrating and moisturizing properties like hyaluronic acid, aloe or aqua (water). With any “active” products, you want to start off slow and work your way up which is why I started by using each of these just once every third day. However, I’m happy to find that after a couple of weeks of use, I haven’t had any irritation or outbreaks from these products. It’s not super obvious to me yet if they are making a clear difference on my fine lines or discolorations but I expect I’ll see more as I increase the frequency of use. 

Last but not least, I tried the TruSkin Vitamin C Brightening Moisturizer. As I mentioned higher in this post, I’ve had a hard time finding moisturizers that are moisturizing enough without clogging my mores or causing acne. I found that this moisturizer wasn’t moisturizing enough on its own, but it didn’t break me out. So, I’ve had success with using this when paired with a toner and serum. It advertises itself as a lightweight moisturizer and I definitely have found that to be the case. This contains vitamin C and is supposed to help brighten the skin. I’ve had a hard time determining if I’ve seen that or not…but it’s a nice, lightweight moisturizer for my dry, sensitive skin. 

TruSkin serums are more affordably priced than many similar serums from other brands, which my budget appreciates! TruSkin products are available at a lot of major retailers including some Walmart, Target and CVS locations. 

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  • Helga

    I don’t like to spend a fortune on skincare so this product line suits my budget. The serums look effective.

  • gloria patterson

    These products really sound good. It is hard to find a product line that you like all of the products. Nee to check these out

  • Maria Egan

    My skin is very sensitive, so I have to take care with what moisturizers and skincare products I use. These sound very gentle and mild.

  • Lauryn R

    These sound like great products for skincare! I am so bad when it comes to self-care and literally have nothing for my face. I wash it with a Dove beauty bar and that is it. Now that I am getting older, I really need to start doing more! Thank you so much for sharing.

  • gloria patterson

    I was telling a friend about these product yesterday and she laughed and said she was already using them. Almost a month and she could really tell a difference in her skin.

  • Ashley Parks

    These sound great! I have been looking for something with retinol to try. I wish I had taken better care of my skin when I was younger, but its not too late to try something new!

  • Leela

    They look worth trying. I am always looking for something new.

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