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I’m Lexi, the founder of Alexis Jae Jewelry, an affordable fine jewelry company. Our customers are always trying to create a perfect layering necklace look! This article will cover everything you need to know to layer like the best!

The technique of layering necklaces is a trend that has been popular for some time, but it can be challenging to execute successfully. You can, however, create a trendy layered necklace style that is the perfect compliment to any outfit if you have the appropriate direction and a few essential suggestions to follow.

Mix Lengths
Mixing necklaces of various lengths is one of the most critical steps in creating the effect of stacked necklaces. It is essential to alter the measurements of the chains by at least two inches to produce a consistent appearance. The various lengths provide the appearance of depth and assist in preventing tangling simultaneously. The space in between doesn’t have to be equal. We usually recommend starting with a 14″ choker necklace. Following it with a 16″ chain, and then a longer
18 or 20″ necklace. 

When it comes to stacking necklaces, fewer pieces are typically better. When it comes to stacking, the ideal amount of necklaces is three. When you layer too many chains, it might become overwhelming for the ensemble and take away from the overall aesthetic.

Mix Metals
You shouldn’t hesitate to use various metal colors when stacking necklaces. Doing so is an excellent way to add depth and intrigue to your appearance. For example, layering a rose gold initial necklace with a platinum tennis necklace or mixing a gold chain necklace with a silver bar necklace. The opportunities are truly limitless! Mixing metals lets, you choose the metal type that highlights each piece and create a dynamic look. It also prevents leaving necklaces in your jewelry box!

However, it is essential to match the metal color within each piece. For example, a pendant’s metal color should match its chain color – you don’t want to put a yellow gold pendant on a white gold chain. This contributes to creating a harmonious appearance that looks intentional.

Mix Types of Necklaces
Experiment with combining different styles of necklaces to get a layered necklace appearance that is genuinely one of a kind and arresting to the observer. You should never have two types of the same necklace in a stack. A good set of rules is to choose a gemstone heavy piece (tennis necklace, station necklace, etc.), a chain (paperclip, curb, etc.), and a pendant necklace. The number one mistake I see is layering two cable chain necklaces in a stack – add some versatility! 

Adding complexity to the design may be accomplished by combining different textures. A stunning contrast may be achieved by layering two different types of necklaces, a chunky chain necklace and a delicate beaded necklace. Chains layer well together. Combining a thin chain necklace with a thin gold chain necklace is another attractive option to give a distinct texture to the layered appearance.

Best Necklaces for Layering Base
A few different necklace designs always perform well when stacking a foundation; picking the right one for this task can be challenging. If you’re looking for your base piece, I would start with these ones. 

Tennis Necklace
A tennis necklace is distinguished by its customary display of a continuous row of diamonds, which may be prong- or tension-set in several different metals. This particular style of necklace can be worn solo or as a component of a layered ensemble. Don’t be afraid to choose a colored tennis necklace. 

A tennis necklace is an elegant option worn with various outfits and adds a dash of glitz to any look. What is great about a tennis necklace is that it plays nice with others in a layering stack but also shines on its own. Typically tennis necklaces are best as the first piece in a stack or the last.  Favorite tennis necklace for stacking: small diamond tennis necklace

Station Necklace
A station necklace has gemstones set at equal lengths around a cable chain. Most commonly, diamonds are used in a station necklace, but station necklaces can be made with any gemstone, shape, or setting. They are understated and sophisticated, and because of their dainty
construction, they may be worn with a wide range of alternative necklaces.

Station necklaces are timeless pieces. They’re the right choice if you’re looking for a classic necklace that will always be in style and can go in any stack. If you have an old piece of jewelry lying around, you can often bring it to a jeweler to repurpose it into a station necklace.
Favorite station necklace for stacking: dainty diamond station necklace.

Chain Necklace
Chain necklaces are the most popular option right now. Curb chains and paperclip chains are what all the celebrities are currently wearing. Chains are perfect for adding a pendant to or wearing alone. We love adding a diamond bezel or diamond link to a chain to give it a little extra sparkle. Chains can be worn by themselves or stacked with another necklace of a different length to create a more dramatic effect.

Favorite chain necklace for stacking: gold paperclip chain necklace

Bar Necklace
The classic bar necklace had diamonds in a straight line. The bar necklace grew in popularity and quickly evolved to more complicated designs. Now there are bar necklaces in all sizes, curved necklaces, with multiple birthstones. The geometric shape of a bar necklace makes it perfect for stacking. 
Favorite bar necklace for stacking: smile bar necklace

Personalized Necklace
Another option for adding a touch of individuality to a layered necklace look is to wear a necklace with an initial or name. These necklaces may be worn independently or combined with other necklaces to create a more complex look. They include the wearer’s initials or name.
These necklaces are excellent for imparting a sense of individuality to a multi-stranded necklace ensemble and make great gifts. They are versatile enough to be worn independently or as a layered ensemble. If you opt for an initial necklace, think about making it asymmetrical to add movement of the eyes to your stack.
Favorite personalized necklace for stacking: diamond script necklace

Choose a necklace with a straightforward, manageable design if you want to use it as the foundation for a layered look. This will help you get the most wear out of it. This results in a unified tiered aesthetic that draws attention to the other necklaces in the stack.
Putting a layered necklace look can be easy and quick if you have the appropriate direction. You may get a sophisticated and fashionable appearance that goes well with any clothing by layering necklaces of varying lengths, metals, and styles. 
This will help you stand out from the crowd. A layering necklace is a versatile trend that can be adapted to any style, so you can use it whether you’re going for a laid-back look or getting dressed up for an important event. For more formal occasions, don’t layer – just wear a single necklace! Besides that, try out a variety of chains of varying lengths and styles to develop your signature layered necklace appearance. Once you find your perfect stack, you can wear it day after day.


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