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Taotronics sent me samples for inclusion in my gift guide. There are affiliate links in this article. All opinions are my own.

With temperatures dropping and less daylight, I’ve felt my usual seasonal shift into a bit of a funk. I find when the days get shorter and gloomier, it can dampen my mood. So when Taotronics reached out offering to send me one of their Miroco LED Therapy Lamps to try, I was eager to give it a go.

Taotronics therapy lamp

I’ve heard about the concept of light therapy before and even tried a sun lamp before, but it was big and bulky so I didn’t keep it. My apartment is really small so I just can’t own products that take up more space than they absolutely need to. The Miroco lamp emits a UV-free sunlight-simulating beam from its 5.5 x 5.5 inch screen. You can adjust both the brightness level and the timer to customize your dosage of energizing light. I appreciate that it has a built-in memory function, so when you turn it on again it recalls your last used mode.

The lamp itself is quite slim and streamlined in design. I have limited space, so I like that the base isn’t clunky despite having the adjustable angle stand attached. 

I think having that daily dose of sunlight, even on overcast days, has been helping offset the shift in seasons. The customization settings make it easy to control. I’d recommend giving light therapy a try for anyone else prone to feeling low during fall and winter months.

taotronics automatic curling iron

While the lamp has my mood brightening, the Taotronics Automatic Curling Iron has me feeling more spirited, too. As someone never fully able to master using a traditional curling iron, I was intrigued by the simplicity of an automatic tool. Most of the time I like embracing my natural waves, I have a whole blog about naturally wavy hair if you weren’t aware! But, once in a while it’s nice to have really uniform waves or curls that can only come from heat styling. This curler has a one-click design where you just clasp your sectioned hair inside, close to activate the heat, and release after it beeps to signal done curls.

taotronics automatic curler results

I’ve been able to easily achieve bouncy curls with this curling iron. I do think the size is best for those wanting slim spirals rather than fat curls, as you can only curl small sections at once. It’s odd, but the curls shown in the marketing material for this curling iron are not the type that are produced with the device. It shows big beachy waves for some reason, but this produces thin spirals. You can adjust the curl tightness a little bit, but adjusting how long you allow the device to twirl after your hair is in the device. The longer it twirls, the tighter curl it will produce. However, even if you don’t let it twirl very long, it won’t produce chunky waves. It’ll produce thin, looser curls. 

There’s a bit of a learning curve finding the right timing, but it only took a little trial and error for me to figure it out. I also appreciate the safety feature that turns the device off after 30 inactive minutes.

taotronics automatic curling iron results

For those gifting – either of these Taotronics products would make great presents. The therapy light is ideal for loved ones you know struggle with seasonal blues. And the automatic curling iron makes a fun way for novices to add styled locks to their look. I’ve been pleased with both of these handy devices during the chillier months.

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