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If you’re like most people, you’d agree that an electric bike or electric trike makes an exceptional gift that’s both practical and fun. This is especially true if your loved one wants to be more physically active or would appreciate an alternative mode of transport that doesn’t hurt the environment.

Now, you may be worrying about the price tag that often comes with electric vehicles, which is understandable since the higher end of the scale can easily be about $3,000 to $7,000 or more.

But here’s the deal.

Gifting an electric bike or trike doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking affair when shopping at Addmotor.  

That’s right. We’ve pedaled through the market to bring you the ultimate gift guide for Addmotor e-bikes and e-trikes, all under $2,000 and all top-rated among consumers!

Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, a friend, or even treating yourself (because why not?), there’s no need to compromise on quality or fun.

From sleek city cruisers to rugged off-roaders and those three-wheelers for added stability and comfort, we’ve found the best options that promise to deliver an unmatched riding experience without the hefty price tag.

So, let’s dive right in.

Top 4 e-Bikes and e-Trikes Under $2,000

Below are our top four picks of electric bikes and trikes that will bring a huge smile to your loved one’s face.

And just so you know, the lower price doesn’t mean low-quality components, compromised performance, or low-grade technology. The following electric vehicles are just as efficient, comfortable, and reliable as any high-end option.    

    1. Addmotor Citytri E-310 from $1,999: Three-Wheeler for Easy Go

Thanks to its lightweight construction and agility, the CITYTRI E-310 foldable electric tricycle stands out as the champion of urban transportation for people with mobility issues or seniors who can’t compromise on safety and comfort.   

With its cutting-edge specifications and advanced technology, this electric trike delivers remarkable performance on various terrains. The 750W motor makes zipping around town a breeze. Furthermore, the 960Wh battery pack means longer adventures with up to 90+ miles on a single charge.

This e-trike comes in three versions—Standard, Mini, and Plus—with different tire sizes to suit riders of all levels. You can also choose from a variety of striking colors (Candy Red, Grey, Yellow, Army Green, and Neptune Blue). Besides riding in style, your loved one will appreciate the trike’s foldable design for easy transportation and storage. The lower seating position, adjustable backrest, and U-shaped handlebar also promote better stability and control.

The Addmotor Citytri E-310 weighs 86 lbs. and has a maximum load capacity of 360 lbs. As far as rider safety is concerned, the e-trike has a triple-brake and 5-in-1 lighting system.

With a one-year warranty, the Citytri promises a fun and worry-free riding experience for your loved one. 

Core Specs of the Citytri E-310 E-Trike: 

Motor 750W rear-mounted motor
Battery 20Ah UL-certified Samsung cells
Max Speed Up to 20 mph
Max Range Up to 90+ miles per charge
Brake Type Triple mechanical disc brakes
Pedal Assist 7 levels
Throttle 1/2 twist throttle
Gear Single Speed
Lights EB 2.0 lighting system
Fenders Front and rear fenders, but they are not metal
Extra Features Parking brake, front suspension fork, differential, LCD, reflective tires

You get all of this and more for just $1,999!

For more details, visit

2. Foldtan M-140 from $1,499: Unfold the Bike and Go Anywhere

Addmotor’s Foldtan M-140 is a versatile and durable folding electric bike that accommodates all types of riders. Its lightweight step-thru frame and folding design promote easy mounting and maneuverability.

This e-bike has a powerful 750W brushless rear hub motor, a 48V*20Ah Samsung lithium battery, and Kenda 20 x 4 fat tires. With a fantastic range of up to 100 miles, this bike enables riders to explore without the fear of running out of battery power. Furthermore, the fat tires offer stability on various terrains, including pavements, mountains, and snow and dirt trails. 

This Addmotor electric bike has a front suspension fork that absorbs bumps and makes the ride smoother. It also comes with an LCD screen displaying speed, battery level, and other information. Moreover, the integrated headlamps and taillights make it easier to see and be seen on the road.

The Foldtan M-140 is available in seven colors (Yellow & Blue, Orange, Black, Estate Blue, Army Green, White, and Yellow & Black). It is suited for a wide range of riders and terrains, weighs 73 lbs., and has a maximum load capacity of 280 lbs.  

Core Specs of the Foldtan M-140 Folding Electric Bike: 

Motor 750W rear brushless motor
Battery 48V*20Ah UL-recognized lithium battery pack (Samsung cells)
Max Speed Up to 20 mph
Max Range Up to 100+ miles per charge
Brake Type Tektro Mechanical EL555-RT / EL550-RS
Pedal Assist 7 levels
Throttle 1/2 twist throttle
Gear 7-speed, Cassette 14-28 tooth
Lights EB 2.0 lighting system
Fenders Full cover fenders
Extra Features Fat tires, detachable rear rack and fenders, EB 2.0 display

The Foldtan M-140 is available for purchase at for $1,499 only.

3. Garootan M-81 from $1,599: A Memorable Gift for Yourself

The Addmotor Garootan M-81 epitomizes power, comfort, and practicality. Since it caters to busy commuters, environmentally conscious shoppers, and outdoor enthusiasts, it may be the best present you can give yourself this year.

This cargo e-bike has an integrated rear rack so you can run errands in style. It can hold a whopping 350 lbs. and has optional baskets or panniers for further cargo assistance.

The inner dedicated ring in the 750W brushless motor provides smoother riding, increased heat resistance, quieter operation, and better heat dissipation. Furthermore, the 48V*20Ah Samsung battery gives an impressive range of over 105 miles on a single charge. 

The Garootan M-81 also features hydraulic disc brakes for solid stopping power. Meanwhile, front and rear fenders keep riders dry in all weather conditions.

What’s more?

This Addmotor electric bike fits comfortably into most automobiles and garages. Its wide-angle LED headlight and taillight provide increased visibility for safe night time riding, while an LCD informs riders of the speed, battery level, turn signals, and other information. 

Core Specs of the Garootan M-81 Cargo E-Bike: 

Motor 750W rear brushless gear motor
Battery EB 2.0 Samsung Cells Battery pack: 48V 20AH
Max Speed Up to 20 mph
Max Range Up to 105+ miles per charge
Brake Type Hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors
Pedal Assist 7 levels
Throttle 1/2 twist throttle with a power-cut switch
Gear Shimano 7-speed pedal assist
Lights EB 2.0 lighting system
Fenders Aluminum front and rear fenders
Extra Features Integrated rear rack, front platform pedal, uneven patented new add button, EB 2.0 25A controller, multi-function LCD, reflective tire strips

The cost of the Garootan M-81 starts at $1,599. Check out how this cargo e-bike looks in five different colors (Orange, Army Green, Pearl White, Black, and Neptune Blue) at 

4. Addmotor M-66 from $1,799: A Thoughtful Gift for Your Spouse or Partner

The Addmotor M-66 R7 cruiser electric bike is an affordable gift option that combines classic design aesthetics with modern functions. It will remind you of the 1970s with its retro look and step-thru frame.

And guess what? This moped-style bike comes with a banana seat for two, which means countless cruising adventures for you and your partner!

Thanks to the robust 750W motor and 80Nm torque, this e-bike delivers a smooth ride at a top speed of up to 20 mph. If your partner loves long rides, they’d be thrilled that the M-66 R7 can go up to 105+ miles on a single charge. They can also drive it to work every day or to the beach on a sunny day.  

Advanced features of this electric bike include an EB 2.0 25A chip-type controller, which simplifies circuit systems and optimizes board space, the EB 2.0 multi-function LCD, durable Kenda GIGAS 20″ X 4.0″ tires, and an EB 2.0 lighting system with multiple modes. 

This Addmotor e-bike weighs 74 lbs. and boasts a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs.

Core Specs of Addmotor M-66 R7 Cruiser E-Bike: 

Motor Bafang 48V*750W rear brushless gear motor
Battery Latest Samsung 20AH (21700-5000mah) battery cell
Max Speed Up to 28 mph
Max Range Up to 105+ miles per charge
Brake Type Tektro mechanical disc brakes
Pedal Assist 7 levels
Throttle 1/2 twist throttle with a power-cut switch
Gear 7-speed Shimano shifter
Lights EB 2.0 lighting system
Fenders Aluminum front and rear fenders
Extra Features Durable fat tires, multi-function LCD, front foot platform, uneven patented new add button, customized electric horn

The M-66 R7 is priced competitively at $1,799 and is available in five colors: Orange, Pearl White, Black, Yellow, and Army Green. Check it out at 

Surprise Your Loved One with the Gift of Joy and Freedom with Addmotor Electric Bikes and Trikes

Gifting an Addmotor electric bike or trike to someone is the ultimate gesture of love and freedom.

Whether you know someone who’s an environmentally conscious commuter or someone wishing to rekindle their passion for riding, these electric bikes under $2,000 will surely bring a smile to their faces without burning a hole in your pocket.

Happy gifting!

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  • Maria Egan

    I was not aware of all of the various choices of ebikes and differing price points. Certainly something to consider.

  • gloria patterson

    I didn’t know there were electric Three-Wheeler bikes. My nieces partner does not drive and he tried a regular electric bike and he just could NOT ride it. This would be perfect for him. And my niece would not have to be taking him to work.

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