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Are you expecting? Or do you know someone who is, and you want to get them a fun and practical gift?  Get ready to explore baby registry essentials from MomMed. These items cater to new parents’ unique needs, providing relief and confidence. Each item has been carefully chosen to alleviate the demands of new parenthood, making those initial days of caring for a newborn a tad more manageable and a whole lot more special. With these MomMed baby supplies, you can feel reassured, knowing you have the tools to navigate this new journey easily.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

The S21 Double Wearable Breast Pump is a game-changer for on-the-go moms. It boasts a unique combination of modes and levels, a discreet and hassle-free design, and an ergonomic, semi-circular body that fits perfectly with the breast. The breast pump S21 also features an LED screen and physical buttons, ensuring a longer service life and reduced likelihood of damage. With a low noise level, it won’t disturb sleeping babies and allows discreet use in the office or on the go.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

The Electric Bottle Brush Cleaner Set from MomMed is a time-saving solution for busy parents. With its two modes and three brush heads, it’s designed to tackle any bottle-cleaning challenge easily. The longer handle and extended nipple brush tip ensure thorough cleaning, and the 1300mAh battery provides up to 90 minutes of cleaning power. It’s a must-have for any parent looking to simplify their cleaning routine and save time.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

The Baby Bottle Warmer from MomMed is a versatile solution for new parents, especially during those late-night feedings. Its fast heating and keep-warm modes can warm milk in under 5 minutes and maintain milk warmth for 48 hours. The gentle water bath heating keeps the temperature at a cozy 37°C, perfect for your baby’s comfort. It’s compatible with frozen and room-temperature milk in plastic, silicone bottles, and milk bags, and the 3.4-inch aperture fits any bottle, making feeding a breeze in any situation.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

MomMed’s Breastmilk Storage Bags have been specially designed to cater to the needs of nursing mothers, providing a sense of security and peace of mind. These bags are essential for safely storing and freezing breast milk. Each bag is expertly crafted to securely store up to 6 ounces of breast milk, making them perfect for refrigeration and freezing. The double-sealed, hygienic design ensures leak-free storage, offering peace of mind for mothers. Additionally, the flat shape of the bags saves valuable space in the refrigerator or freezer. The self-standing feature of the bags makes them convenient to fill and store, adding to their practicality.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

The Mummy Diaper Bag Backpack is the ultimate combination of style and functionality. This spacious and fashionable diaper bag is designed to keep your baby’s essentials neatly organized and easily accessible. With its many pockets and clever organizational features, this backpack offers insulation to keep items at the right temperature, wet/dry separation for convenience, USB charging capability, and anti-theft functionality for added peace of mind. Despite its roomy interior, the bag maintains a feather-light weight of just 860g and features robust shoulder straps, making it the ideal companion for all your on-the-go adventures.

The MomMed Universal Stroller Organizer is the perfect companion for outdoor adventures with your little ones. It provides ample storage for diapers, bottles, and snacks, allowing you to carry your baby’s essentials wherever you go conveniently. Made from waterproof material, this organizer can be easily wiped clean. It features cup holders, a sturdy central bag, and detachable sides, providing customizable storage options. Additionally, it includes a practical shoulder strap for easy carrying on the go.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

A Baby Feeding Essentials Set includes a MomMed baby spoon bottle feeder, a NAPPA Awards-winning product known for its exceptional safety, quality, and design excellence. The set also includes a fresh feeder, two baby spoons, and two baby teethers, providing a comprehensive selection of feeding and soothing items for the new parents and their babies.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

The Portable Bottle Brush Kit allows busy parents to clean bottles and feeding accessories anytime easily. It is a 6-in-1 brush set that includes a baby bottle brush with an extendable handle, a nipple brush, a straw brush, a soap dispenser, a drying rack, and a storage box. Enjoy stress-free feeding times even when you’re on the go!

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

The MomMed Baby Scale, with a 24-inch length, simplifies monitoring your child’s weight to ensure healthy development. The automatic and manual hold function provides accurate readings even when your baby moves. With the MomMed Baby Scale, you can confidently track your baby’s progress and keep your mind at ease.

Baby supplies, baby feeding, baby care, baby shower, MomMed

Cooling Patches are designed to provide gentle and soothing relief for fevers and discomfort. The fast-acting gel pads are enriched with natural ingredients and are renowned for their practical, medication-free relief. Its durable and flexible design ensures it is well-suited for use at home, during travel, or on the go.

These baby registry essentials encompass a range of items that can make life easier for new parents as they care for their little ones. Don’t wait any longer—start shopping at MomMed for today!

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  • Stephanie Liske

    Those look good. Way easier than the full on pump w/ a bottle attached.

  • Kasi Walas

    After visiting the MomMed website, my favorite item is the S21 Double Wearable Breast Pump. I appreciate this brand because they offer innovative and convenient solutions for modern parents, particularly focusing on the comfort and efficiency of their products. The S21 pump is discreet, lightweight, and designed to prevent leaks, making it perfect for busy moms who need to pump on the go. This level of thoughtful design and practicality truly stands out to me, making MomMed a brand that understands and supports the needs of mothers​

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    i really like their stoller organizer, it would come in handy

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    All the products seem convenient to use.

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    I really like the fact that you can get everything you need throughout your pregnancy in one spot.

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    I really like the Mommed Baby Feeding Essentials Set and it would be great for my niece.

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    I like the Kids Drawing Projector Toy.

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    I absolutely swear by: lots of diaper rash cream, a butt spatula, a snot sucker, an electric baby nail file, receiving blankets, a sample pack of different bottle brands, gas drops, and zip up PJ onesies.

  • Lauryn R

    I would love to try the S18 Double Cordless Breast Pump-Tranquil Grey when I have my next baby. These seem like they would work really well.

  • Mira V.

    Their pump looks easy to use and clean! and reasonably priced for a wearable pump!!

  • Jenn fike

    I love the MomMed Electric Bottle Brush Cleaner Set. These can be used for water bottles and regular cups too. It’s fantastic when a baby item can outlive the baby years.

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    i like the stroller organizer.

  • Leela

    S21 Double Wearable Breast Pump-Tranquil Grey.

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