Family game night was something that my family always had.  There were 5 of us and we would come up with a night that we could all sit down together and play.  Even now that we are all grown and have families of our own, we still find the time to get together and have a game night.  Sometimes we can all play one big game and other times we may have 2-3 games going at once, but there is never a time that we don’t have fun.

I want to continue that tradition with my own family.  There are only 3 of us, but I still believe it is an important to have a family tradition.  One night we have game night and one night during the weekend we have movie night.  We love it and Little C can’t wait for the weekend to come around.  I am hoping that this continues as he gets older even though mom and dad will no longer be cool.

Feed the Woozle by Peaceable Kingdom is a great family game that we have added to our collection.  The thing I love about Feed the Woozle is that it is truly a family game that everyone can enjoy and have fun with.  Little C is only 4, but absolutely loves it and if you have adults who don’t mind being silly, they enjoy it as well.  There is absolutely no reading involved with this game making it perfect for little ones.  Another aspect that I love about the game is that everyone works together to win.  Great, great, great idea!

The one goal while playing Feed the Woozle is to carry 1 to 3 food cards on a big blue spoon over to the Woozle.  There are three great ways to play this game depending on the age of the children playing.  We placed our Woozle over by a wall while we sat in the living room floor.  We played two different levels with Little C.  The first was to simply roll the die and get that number of food items.  Place the food items on the spoon and walk the items over to the Woozle without having them fall on the floor.  You then feed the Woozle the items that are still on the spoon.  The player then comes back and grabs the correct number of Yummy Mummy cards for the amount of food the Woozle was successfully fed.

Level 2 is for children 4-5 years old.  With this level you incorporate the spinner that comes with the game.  After you role the die to figure out how many food items you will place on your spoon, you then spin the spinner to see how  you will get the food to the Woozle.  Some of the choices are to march, bunny hop and walk backwards.  This aspect of the game makes play much more fun.  Little C loved playing Level 2.

There is also a Level 3 for older children using a blind fold.  We did not play this level, however, it sounds fun for older children.  The object not only includes fine motor skills, but also listening and following directions as the child who is wearing the blind fold carries the food over to the Woozle while listening to directions being given by other players.

Feed the Woozle is such a great family game and a great learning tool as well.  This fantastic game has also been recognized by the National Autism Resources, saying that it is a great cooperative game as well as a helpful therapeutic tool.  You can follow them on Facebook to keep up with giveaways and new products!

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