By Candi

January 26th, 2013

giveaway2I am terrible at golf. It’s no secret and nothing I am ashamed of. However, it was my Papa’s passion. He used to take me to the driving range, hoping it was something we could bond over. I just wanted to drive the golf cart though. After his passing, I made it my personal goal to understand this game, to understand the allure of hitting a ball with a stick and having no person or thing interfering with the path it took.

Many thanks go out to the author of How Short Hitting. Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time, Fred Fields, for giving me insight, not just direction into this intriguing game. Fred instantly made this book identifiable with his personal stories. He uses great imagery and goes a step further to help those who have a harder time imagining what he is saying by providing illustrations by Stephen Stanton.

How Short Hitting. Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time is a 103 page, step by step instructional read, peppered with comical and inspiring personal stories. This book is a great resource for anyone looking to improve their game. It gives you the basics to correct the mistakes you may or may not realize you are making. If you aren’t a regular golfer, the lingo isn’t something you are used to. Fred uses “golf speak” in his book but he tells the reader what the terms mean. He breaks it down for the novice without making it obnoxious for the pro. I honestly had no idea how much strategy matters in a round of golf or that swinging a golf club at a ball should provoke much thought. As Fred Fields wrote,”Take your brain to the golf course. Don’t leave it in the car with your street shoes.”

Fred, who will be coming out with a new publication in the next 90 days, gave statistics and facts to back up his words and while I may never be an amazing golfer, I can give it a shot thanks to How Short Hitting. Bad Golfers Break 90 All the Time. Buy your copy on Amazon today for $9.99 in paperback and $2.99 in Kindle edition. Enter the giveaway below by 11:59 PM EST on 2/9/2013 to be one of two winners to receive an autographed copy of their own.



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