I have two little fashionistas. At 4 and 6 years old, they have a style that is all their own. Both girls enjoy finishing off their ensembles with “fancy” hair accessories. They are always looking for new hair goodies and have recently started focusing on using and collecting headbands. I can already tell that my two girls have just started to scratch the surface of this new found “love”.  I was really excited when I found Ambrosia Designs and their Infinity Headbands.

Infinity Bands! (500x500)_MG_5791 (2)

Ambrosia Designs offers interchangeable headbands and embellishments. You can choose different ribbons and other headband accessories. With all the additions that Ambrosia Designs offers, there is an infinite possibility of headband combinations. With just a few supplies, my girls can create many different looks. This not only encourages their creativity but it also lessens my dilemma of where to store a huge supply of products.

For our review, the girls received two headbands, four ribbons and two embellishments. With this Starter set-up, they can create 12 different looks.


As soon as the girls received their Infinity Headbands, they open the packaged and put them together. They had them assembled and on before I finished reading the instructions.

Savannah thought Infinity Headbands were “stylish and fancy”. Cheyenne said they were “pretty and fun”.


I appreciate the high quality materials and easy design of Infinity Headbands. They appear to be well made and have a kid-friendly design.

Infinity Headbands is on facebook and twitter.

One lucky winner will receive one headband, two ribbons and two embellishments. This is a US giveaway that will end on 5/02/2013.

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