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In the past couple of years, Ryan has tried a handful of different brands and types of e-cigarettes. He has wanted to make the switch to electronic cigarettes because there are so many benefits. The main benefit being there is no smoke for him to inhale or second hand smoke for him to be spreading to me or others who are around him. Also, seems how e-cigarettes don’t produce smoke, there is much less odor. Ryan has never smoked in our homes but would smoke in the car and even though he’d always put the window down, the car would hold some of that odor and so would his coats. Of course, we also feel that there are health benefits for him seems how there are so many fewer chemicals in e-cigarettes compared to traditional ones. Until recently, he wasn’t ready to make the commitment to completely switch to just e-cigarettes but he has been successful at avoiding traditional cigarettes for over a month now.

While e-cigarettes aren’t quite “the real thing” they are an “easier” step down than anything else Ryan has came across. We recently were sent a FIN Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit for review. Unlike most of the e-cigarettes that Ryan has tried, we feel like FIN E-cigs are pretty unique for a few reasons.


For starters, they look quite different. They are primarily white with the cartridge or cartomizer being brown so they look like a regular filtered cigarette. Some might view this as an advantage if they prefer to not “stand out” in a crowd because of their e-cigarette.

They are also unique because the ordering process is much simpler because there are less options. So many e-cigarette companies have dozens of flavors of cartridges available and it can be overwhelming. Ryan isn’t interested in trying crazy flavors but many sites have 5+ options for variations of tobacco and it’s hard to know which one he’d like best. So I like that FIN offers two types – tobacco or menthol so there isn’t any guess work.


When you vape up everything from your starter kit, you have two basic options for reordering. You can order cartridges or cartomizers. Cartomizers are able to be attached directly to FIN E-cigarettes without needing anything extra, because they have an atomizer attached to them. Their website suggests that cartomizers are roughly equivalent to 2 packs of cigarettes. A 5 pack of cartomizers is sold for $20. Your other option is cartridges. Cartridges come in a pack of 14 for $20 but do not have atomizers built into them so to use them, you have to have a battery that has an atomizer on it. The box that they come in suggests that one refill cartridge is equal to 25 cigarettes (traditional cigarette packs come in 20 count). If you purchase a battery from FIN, it will have an atomizer on it and if you purchase the 15 pack of cartridges for $20, you can add a battery to your cart and the battery ill be free.


Ryan used up his starter kit and we went ahead and decided to order the cartridges. Now that he has used cartridges, he thought that the cartomizers seemed to last a bit longer, but we still felt like the cartridges were a great deal. Seems how we were ordering the package of refill cartridges, we got a new battery (with atomizer) for free. Also, the FIN website was (and still is) offering free shipping on orders of $30 or more. Seems how the cost of the battery and refill cartridges was over $30 before the cost of the battery was taken off, shipping was free. So in all, we paid $20 for the 15 refills, battery and shipping which was incredibly reasonable especially compared to what other brands charge for cartridges. It’s been about two weeks since our order arrived and Ryan has went through roughly have of the 15 pack, so I think it will last him about a month. Though he doesn’t smoke as much as the traditional smoker would.

Fin battery with atomizer

FIN battery with atomizer


So, maintaining use of FIN is quite affordable compared to their competition and their starter kits are reasonable too. They actually offer two types of starter kits, one is $60 and comes with two e-cigarettes, 14 cartridges, a USB charger (with A/C adapter) and a metal storage case. However, for those with a tight budget or who are nervous to invest more money than they have to prior to seeing if e-cigarettes will work for them, they also offer a smaller rechargeable e-cig starter kit that is $30 and includes 1 e-cigarette, 7 cartridges and a USB charger which is everything you need to give these a try.

fin starter kitfinsmallstarter

The only improvement that I can come up with, is I wish that FIN offered cartridges and/or cartomizers in varying strengths of nicotine levels on their site. Ryan would like to gradually step down on how much nicotine he is consuming and it would be easier to do so if he could order cartridges in different strengths. However, Fin does offer varying levels of nicotine cartridges that are available to be purchased at Walmart.

Ryan really liked this brand, but I can also see this brand being great for people who are maybe older and who might only be open to e-cigarettes if they are very basic an easy for them to adapt to. For example, my dad is in his late 60’s and has been smoking since he was around 13 years old. He has been interested in e-cigarettes but nervous to switch because he tends to avoid change. He also is not comfortable using computers. So with these looking like real cigarettes, and having limited ordering options, I can see them being a much less intimidating option for someone like my dad.

You can connect with FIN on Facebook and Twitter.

Buy it: You can purchase from FIN on the FIN E-cigarette website.



Hi there! I am Emily Evert, the owner of Emily Reviews. I am 25 and live in a small town in Michigan with my boyfriend Ryan and our two pugs. I have a large family and I adore my nieces and nephews. I am a calorie counter who loves soda. I budget to save money so I can spend it on my dogs. I love reading memoirs, and learning about child development and psychology. I love watching The Game of Thrones, Teen Mom, Sister Wives and Veep. I like listening to Jason Isbell, John Prine, Kris Kristofferson and Blue October. I created Emily Reviews as a creative outlet to share my life and the products that I love with others.

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  • My sister smokes and I have been begging her for years to quit. Not only because she can’t afford it, but I hate that she is putting that in her body. I wish she would try one of these.

  • I do not smoke but this looks great for people who are trying to quit.

  • I am not a smoker but have friends who smoke and it drives me nuts to be around. I love that these don’t produce real smoke. Great alternative.

  • Very interesting! I’ve often wondered how the ecigarettes worked. They sound like they would be very beneficial to those wanting to quit.

    I’m curious if they sell them in Canada. Our government adds a hefty tax to cigarettes and I wonder if they would do the same to ecigarettes.

  • My mom loves electronic cigarettes. They’re a great alternative option.

  • FIN is available in high and low nicotine levels at Wal-Mart and other retailers.

    • emmy

      Oh that’s great to know, I’ll be sure to keep a look out for them there, then. I edited my post to let people know that, too.

  • Becca

    Awesome!! I think this brand is by far the coolest, and I am loving the menthol FINs too. I used to smoke Parlament Lights and for some reason the menthols taste lighter to me. I have been buying mine at Walmart — they DO have a “bold” version there, I think? It has more nicotine. And they have a light version. Anyway, love your reviews Emily!

  • Liane Williams

    I ordered the Kit for my Dad beginning of last year when he charged the battery it burned up YES Burned. I called and was asked to sent it back for a replacement which came a couple of weeks later My Dad charged the battery again but a couple of minutes later same thing it BURNED again..Now he was trying to charge it with the USB Charger attached to the PC. He never bothered to send it back again and I am so disappointed because I received a free FIN during the promotion and recommended it to my Dad, I loved the FIN E-CIG. But I don’t understand why it burned up while charging only a couple of minutes.

  • Jo

    What a great blog! You hit every point that i have made to friends about why I have been using Fin ecigs since February. I chose Fin because I knew that if I was trying to quit, I needed to make sure that my ecig supplies were convenient and accessible or I may go back to the traditional cigarettes. Because of Fin, I have quit a 17 yr pack a day habit. The batteries are of a very good quality and value. I tried Blu, but their batteries and kits were pretty expensive – I figure that is paying for their pricey commercials.

    If you’re trying to quit smoking, I strongly suggest trying the Fin.

  • Can anyone tell me how long Fin has been around? I don’t see them online much?

  • Brian

    I’ve just, like 30 minutes ago, tried the FIN for the first time. I had only tried Blu before. The Blu doesn’t really have much of a taste, you have to draw pretty hard, and just seems so incredibly fake. It’s only redeeming factor was that it releases a lot of vapor. I think I’ll keep using using the FIN it is the exact opposite of the Blu. Honestly, I don’t really care how much water vapor is released as long as the nicotine is released into it effectively.

  • Yes, this is beneficial for those who want to quit smoking and

  • Bought the Platinum Pack for $39.88 At Walmart. Have not smoked a regular cigarette in over 48 hours. Im a chain smoker.
    I like this product better then the others I have tried. I did order refil cartridges on the websight $20 something with shipping and tax. Still cheaper then buying a pack of cigarettes every day. At lest $5 buck a pack. And that is the cheap cigarettes.

    • emmy

      Congrats on 48hrs traditional-smoke free. My boyfriend says the cartomizers are WAY stronger than the regular cartridges so even though the cartridges are cheaper, we buy the cartomizers. I would imagine you’ll want to do the same if you were used to chain smoking. The 5 packs are $14 and change at my walmart which is a lot cheaper than they are online when you factor in the shipping.

  • Lee

    I’m satisfied with cool menthol fin and very cost efficient. I bought the basic starter kit and 7 pack cartomzier at sam’s club for under 10 bucks each. bought my mom rich one. she was a two pack a day smoker for thirty some odd years and because of this she probably down to three cigs a day and slow getting to non a day and for me it been about four days since a real one.

  • Alex Calixto

    i love fin e cigs i tried one out last week and im gonna stay using them the look is great the taste is great and they are non expensive and i can smoke in places i usually wouldnt i recommend this brand compared to other brands ive tried like the ez brand which finishes quick and the blu which has a mini carb which is difficult to find as well as the taste being bland and the cig not lasting too long!!! : )

  • Poe

    Emily, your review is very helpful for a non-smoker like me. I bought as a gift the cartridges and battery as in your recommendation but not sure if this is enough. Is there anything else that I need to buy for him to be able to smoke these cartridges? Thanks, Poe

  • richard a

    today around 1pm i bought the fin rich 1.6 from walgreens at $6.99 ,it says equal to 2 packs of cigarettes by 6pm it was done,no .nicotine vapour at all either i had a defective one or they are a waste of money

    • emmy

      Sorry that I am just now seeing your comment, but it definitely sounds like you got a defective unit. My boyfriend has continued to use fin e-cig cartomizers and he’s never had one “burn out” that quickly. If I were you, I would try to email the company (their site is to tell them about your experience, I bet they will do something to try and make it right with you.

    • Dolores

      I am having the same experience – when I bought the starter pack, the cartridge it came with was toast within a couple hours. I bought a 5-pack today and “installed” a fresh cartridge on my battery (no atomizer built in), and even though I’ve been switching it up with another e-cig throughout the day, the cartridge didn’t even last half a day. Not pleased!

      • Ralph L.

        I had same problem as well. Make sure you always have a fresh charge. If you shorten your puffs it will last longer. I read somewhere that 1 regular cig is like 7 puffs of the fin e cig.

  • Nikki

    I just started the FIN e cigarette today. What I don’t understand is the “equals to 2 packs of cigarettes” What exactly does that mean? I also purchased the lower nicotine version, it’s 0.8%

  • I was wondering if the fin cig..has any nicotine in them..or is it just vaper water? thank-you

    • Emily

      Hi Connie. They do have nicotine, in varying amounts depending on the type of cartomizer that you purchase. There are two flavors (tobacco or menthol), each of which comes in three varieties or strengths – bold, rich and mild. The bold has a 2.4 percentage nicotine level, Rich has a 1.6 percent nicotine level and mild has a .8 percent nicotine level.

  • My sister cigarette smoking and I have been begging the woman for some time to stop. Besides because your lover can’t afford the idea, yet We hate that will she is getting that will in the woman body. We would like she’d try out one of these simple.

  • It’s hard to come by experienced people on this subject,
    but youu seem like you know what you’re talking about!

  • Dave Kloes

    Don’t waste your money on the menthol cartridges. There is at least one bad one in every pack. Last pack of five had two bad ones. They do not respond to email. If you call, you get to leave a message for callback, but never get called back. – See more at:

    • Ant

      Must b either lying or they switched the way the do customer service. When I complained via email I got a response in hours and matter of fact they sent me not only the ones I complained about but they sent me free ones for my inconvenience

  • I’ve never heard of Fin and I’ve been vaping for a few years now. Will check it out, looks like a marker pen with pretty cool retro packaging, but it’s all about the performance at the end of the day isn’t it…

  • Never heard of this e-cig brand. Sounds like they are worth checking out.

  • tino

    I have one of of these that has lasted for over two years (and went without traditional cigs for over two years as well). This year I jumped back onboard the traditional cig smoking, but after 8 months, I’m going back to Fins tomorrow. I would highly recommend, I find it very easy to adapt to, and the money savings is pretty huge.

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